Saturday, 15 June 2013

Kawaii Deluxe Review

Hello every one, So sorry I have not been blogging as much, so much going on around the Tartan house hold, Decorating,Repairing and lots of Cleaning and Tiding up! (T^T) But its for the long run!
However! I am bring you a dose of Kawaii! (>.<)
Cast your Kawaii eyes on the online store ''Kawaii Deluxe''. 

I found Kawaii Deluxe via Facebook, They are holding/held a give-away where you like and share the photo, the photo was what caught my eye, I spied some Hello Kitty! Kawaii!!!! (^_^)
And it was those Deco-den style false nail's- well I just had to check them out!

Website and Facebook!

The website is very cute looking in a pretty pink theme and easy to use.It has a range of make-up beauty products Hair products circle lens and even snacks! 
This is a cute online Dutch store who love all things Asian and Cute they even have brands such as Dolly wink (*o*) wow!
I knew I was after the Hello Kitty nails but came across the lip tins, I had lost my old one so wanted to replace it and then what happened?! I found my old one (>.<)
So I ordered those to items and had a good noise around the other items trying not to spend all my moneys. 

Heh (^_^;;)
They also have a great Facebook page where there are lots of interaction with company and the fan's which is really nice to see.

Here are the Links!

Products Review and Photos!

I got these great pre glued nails and lip tint.
The glue on nail are so cute and have Hello Kitty have them. Kawaii!
I only had them on for a hour and they stick on very well and looked adorable, I want to save these for a upcoming photo shoot.

The Lip Tint comes in a great displayed box all pink and cute!
I got the Hot pink shade.
It claims to moistures the lips and gives a hint of colour, I am in love with this shade and it lasts all day! It leaves my lips nice and soft and smooth to touch and it seems chu chuu kiss proof (n.~)/

The Hello Kitty face masks were sent to me review as a extra, The packaging was super cute and both seem to be similar kinds,
I have never used these before,When i opened them I thought they were a cream but they are a very wet paper mask,They are east to put on and very refreshing!They have a lovely hint of rose to them! I I loved the feeling of my skin after leaving them on,Yes I looked like a dork/dafty  but I really like these! My skin felt so nice after words!

I look so scary lol!!!
Video Review coming soon!!

Over all Review
Shipping- I was updated on my order via email and got a dispatch email.

The order was placed on 31 May and was dispatched on 4th of June I got my order on the 15th 
(UK (Scotland). Items were also packed in a bubble wrap large packet and sealed tight.

Customer service- I did contact the owner by email ,I can say that the Owner is very sweet and also is a Hello Kitty Fan too!All my emails were replied to promptly and professional 

Over all- I recommend Kawaii Deluxe its a cute and sweet store that I think with the will power could grow in stock and products. 

10 Kawaii Stars out of 10!

Till next time!
Stay super Kawaii!