Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Kawaii Letters

Hey every one, How are you all today?
I just wanted to share with you the new kawaii letter sets that I ordered. (^_^)v
I hope to use them with my pen-pals- am still looking for some as well so feel free to contact me.
Nothing beat's making friends via snail mail and pen and paper - of course I like to make sure my letters have a kawaii look to them- I hope that they will make my pen pals smile or those who get my letters!

So here is my new haul of Kawaii stationary!

Adorable stuff and it was all reduced in price!
I love how cute these are!!
Lots of cute stickers and Letter sets! Sometimes I worry they are too, cute that I don't want to spoil them by writing on them. LOL!Here is one of my letters from a other Hello Kitty Fan. I was so shocked and surprised to get some gifts too!

It was a cute Gift of a bookmark,Pencil Hello Kitty Stickers and Hello Kitty Jelly bean's! Also my
letter was so sweet.(^_^)
So a lot of things are going on, I and my Hello Kitty Junkie Friend Lynne have made a Hello Kitty
UK Group on Facebook and on Hello Kitty Junkies- since there was not one there so with Lynne's know how on the HKJ and I have admin a few groups we got busy!
We are also going to set up a Scottish meet for the Scottish Hello Kitty Fans the whole 2 of us lol!

Also I have partnered up with other Kawaii Bloggers!
The Lost Unicorn
Both of these blogs are worth following and checking out!
(If you have a banner and want to be Blog Partners! Then give me a shout!)