Sunday, 16 June 2013

Kitty Pink and black with spots!

Hello Kawaii Lovers and of course you Kitty fans! Look what I have spotted over at sanrio!
WOW (^O^) Are these not just stunning!
I love loungefly X Hello Kitty collaborations its so elegant and divine!

This is one of the mini hand bags- I love this pink on black combo and print with the cute Little Hello Kitty's all over it!

This is the City bag I think its much bigger in size to the mini handbag.

There is even a very cool and stylish back pack,Tablet Cover and not for getting your laptop, there is a laptop cover too!

They are so bright cute and maybe a bit sexy! I love my lounge fly bag so much but if I didn't have one I would be saving up for these ones. (still favour my bag colour way thought hehe!)
I also have a few Hello Kitty items I have to show off that I have been waiting on in the post for you all and I will also have my latest Video Review from Kawaii Deluxe coming up really soon!
So watch out for those!!