Sunday, 30 June 2013

Toki Doki X Hello Kitty Haul

Hello Kawaii Lovers. 
Finally I can get round to doing a blog post I have been meaning to do. 
I got while back I found a Hello Kitty X Toki Doki Plush off of Ebay to add to my collection,While I was looking through my other fave online shops I came across a Toki X Doki Bag, I already have a Hoodie and the Plush so I had to get my hands on it. I hope to use it as a Every day bag as its black but it has so much detail to it!
So I got my Bag in the Post today from Pinkoholic a really good online shop that I have ordered from many times before. 
I keep returning to them as they add new things all the time! Its worth the wait to buy from them.
I already have a long wish list!
I was so happy to get to day (^_^) Like a early Birthday Present hehe!

As you can see the bag has lots of colours images and busy-ness all over it!
Its so cool!

Look at the Charms and the detail of Gem stones and Hello Kitty-ness!

Toki Doki Kitty approves!

You can easily pick out the Characters form Toki Doki, The bag was about £30. The Photo made me think I was going to be a lot smaller like a mini size but I was not reading the sizes in the description haha !
So because I see Hello Kitty my brain stops working and goes ''MUST BUY IT''.
(¬.¬) Heh... But I  was glad it is a really good size that will be able to fit a ton of things in it!

Yet again a other little treasure found from this shop!

Till next time!

Stay Super Kawaii!