Monday, 10 June 2013

Your 5 a day with Hello Kitty!

Hello every one how are you all this week?
Are you keeping cute and kawaii?!

I have a few items in the post am waiting on to show you all and do reviews! Yay! very excited to tell you all about them once they are here! They maybe Hello Kitty themed?!
Today I wanted to show you my Findings of new Hello Kittys. They are so cute I want them all so much!! Kawaii!!

These are new from Sanrio the Fruit plush range! Like my tittle says there is 5 of them,for my 5 a day and there is even a apple to keep the doctor away- am not sure if my other half will tolerate the 5 a day or the apple a day comments but its worth a shot LOL! (*Hides* >.<)
Would you like to see the range they are very sweet!

N'aww they are cute so cute!

So I was on a mini adventure this weekend and went to Deep sea World.. >.<)/ woo!
Chibi bean was not that impressed,its hard work to impress a 2 year old!
However I and the other half did enjoy the time being a family and doing something nice,We alsocheck out a farm shop and got a few goodies.We love local produce and things like this. I think these sort of places are also really cute. We happened to be in a area that we are looking to move away too.
Since we have come home we are know on the path of getting our own house on the market for selling!
So Life is going to be a bit crazy...I mean am gona have to find the perfect house to house all my Kawaii things!!!

I have a few snaps from my day out to share!


The Rail Bridge

Its been so warm this weekend!

Deep see world was good fun,even if the sharks creep me out and the lobsters and crabs.

Also Am only one away from getting my 'Kawaii' Range of Hello Kittys!!

Am so happy to have these new 2 Kitty's! so cute I just need to get the last one to finish the Collection.
I was a bit gutted am only 6 away from my collection of  HK Plushes (only) from 100! so am going to save up or hunt for bargains to reach 100. (^_^) I doubt I will stop there cause they bring out so many new cute Kitty's!

Till next time!

Tartan xxx