Monday, 1 July 2013

Hello Kitty Tights!

Hello Every one How are you all today?
I have a review for you all its super Kawaii and cool! Its these super and awsum tights from Jill_Punk x Loli. A Ebay seller.
I saw these appear through their Facebook Page and when I saw them - I just had to get them!
I had to wait a good few days until the times were listed for buying, Soon as they went up..I had to get them!
They were so cute looking..
So am sharing with you what I think of these Kawaii and Stylish tights!
Image belongs to Jill_Punk x Loli

I ordered these tights with ease as it was done via Ebay, They said they would take about 7- 10 days for them to arrive which mine did and I think they came rather quick.
And they cost around $13 each. I ordered 2 pairs.
I don't normally buy tights for around £8-10 but these were so cute I was happy to, but then I did start to worry if they would be fragile or thin.

They came in a very simple plastic wrap.
I didn't try them on for a few weeks hence why am only blogging about these know.

The White part of the lower leg is like a stocking. and over the knees you have Hello Kittys Face on one Knee and Kitty on the other.
They are very Thick tights which I was happy about.
I would say size wise best for a 8-10 maybe a small 12.

The tips of Hello Kitty's ears and bow Cracks a bit when you stretch the Tights but its not noticeable as they go back to shape and seen only when looked at close up (no one will be that close to you o.O) . I guess this is cause its a Fabric Paint used on this part?

I like the Detail of the Paw Print on the 'Kitty' Leg.
Not only that these have a extra cute-ness added to them on the sole of your feet!
Pink little paws on the feet *Dies of Cute-ness overload!*

Told you they were so cute!

I have worn them with 3 outfits so far for some photos that were done and they are really 
adorable and fun to wear.
Am so happy I have these Cute Tights !!

Tartan Kawaii