Thursday, 11 July 2013

July and the Kawaii Club

Hello every one how are you all today I thought I would upload this months 'July' Kawaii club Parcel.
I thought I would show you what we would all have got from the Chibi Package!

 I really look forward to getting my bag of goodies, I did get a little extra in my parcel as I will be bring you a new video for 'Deco-Den with Tartan' for you all!  YAY! I am not sure when just yet when I can get time to do this as everything here is so crazy with selling the house I also wanted to show you some new Hello Kitty's I have got in the post too.

So lets see what we got in the Chibi Parcel!

This month we got a super Kawaii Hannri Tufo Phone holder, thats my Phone sitting it by way and is not Inc in your Kawaii Club parcel!! 
I put my phone in it for showing off for you all!

So cute! Also  what came with the Phone holder was the Hello Kitty Tissue box cover, I am so happy this was in the parcel! As am a Hello Kitty worshipper- I have debated over which kind and style to get many a time so I was super happy bunny getting this, I know need to run out and get a box of Tissues haha!

We also got a computer dust Brush, Know this is super handy as I for one have been caught eating at the laptop -yes my new one, many a times and my other half goes completely daft , Crying out 'CRUMBS'
 And when he comes to my laptop to help me with something, he sits and wipes it down even the smallest dust that may have settled on my screen and laptop. Yes, you are laughing or smirking as you read this, aren't you Chewi.
Well I know have a new Kawaii Computer Dust Brush in the shape of a Panda!
So am very happy with my Parcel this month!

I also got 2 new Kittys meaning I have reached 100+ in my plush collection!! YAY!  Also I have like 4 on order which am very excited about and I also got a 2 Momiji Hello Kittys for my birthday , Hello Kitty goodies form my HK BFF Lynne and a Hello Kitty from the Other half.
My cafe maid Kitty I ordered

Birthday gifts

A Denpo Hello Kitty.

Denpo logo on her back paws

Hello Kitty goodies for my  birthday!  Thank you soooo muchies!! 
and the Kitty I got form my other half! she is so cute with her sleepy mask on!

I also treated myself with my birthday moneys to indoor Kitty shoes form Hello Kitty 4 U and ordered 2 new summer dresses. 
So If your looking for your monthly dose of Kawaii club then sign up its really easy.
Hope you all like the new fun .gif's am starting to use!