Monday, 29 July 2013

Kawaii Deluxe Blog Review

Hello all, How are you all dealing with the warm muggy summer that has come over us know? Its nice to have a  bit of brake and some rain! (^_^)/ Today am taking the time to do some blog updates and such. 
My Review is on my order from Kawaii Deluxe. This is my second order from them. I Really like ordering stuff from them as you can get a few different trendy looking things.

I do find that a lot of products go out of stock really fast, so it worth getting in there quick.
I wanted to try the new lip tint line they got in store and found a few other items I wanted to check out.

I got a cute Hair clip with the word Angel on it. I got this to add to my wigs it a simple clasp that you use to attach it to your hair/wig.Its in a white lettering and big enough to read clearly and be seen with out being huge. Its very sweet looking too!

The Lip tint is Peri's Tint Water ,It came in its own brand product box which looks soo cute and stylish looking. It comes in a little pot with a lip brush attached to the screw on lid.Easy enough to use!
I would use it sparingly as its a very watery product! You could easily layer it up to the effect you want.I really like the colour  that I get from this tint.(Cherry Juice.) I would recommend wearing a lip base of moisture as I find all tints are very drying on the lips!It takes little while to dry-so make use to give it some time  to settle on your lips. Mwah! x

The other item I got was a pair of the tights called ''Harajuku Madness''You can get them in black or white, I picked the white tights, I liked them cause they looked kawaii and funky and best of all they had Hello Kitty on the print/Design.Also I thought they would stand out more too.

The size for the tights was a really good size but I felt these were a bit overprices for tights,simply cause most tights can be damaged really easy- but hey thats my personal take on them! 
 so I was a bit disappointed only getting 2 wears out of them- sods law I guess.
Even though my tights let me down, am still giving Kawaii Deluxe a Good review,Shipping was in time with the estimate and well packed.I would like to see more stock come to the online shop too.
So its a 4 out of 5 stars this time.