Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Kitty Collections and Hauls!

Hello Kawaii lovers, I have been a busy Hello Kitty Hunter of late, Watching my ebay like a hawk,Sellers and even Sanrio, With my internet eyes, even dropping into all the known UK Sanrio retailers to seller if there is any movement on the Hello Kitty musical wonderland plush. This Plush is my ultimate dream Plush.

Maybe even more with my look a like cosplay. haha! I love how cute she is and how Harajuku like she is, She fits in so will with the ''Kawaii Range'' Know that I have got all the Kawaii Range Plushs I just got to have this other plush.some how...
I have never really had a Dream Plush before !

 When I the above image I fell in love with her but it was a good few days to find a full body one!

So cute! 

I hope one day I can add her to my collection!
Talking about my collection... I have been rather successfull in acquiring Hello Kittys,Today they came in the post and am in Kitty heaven!
Sorry for all the photo spam hehe!

All my goodies in the post today!
That thing at the back is a wipe off memo board that I plan for my new house!

Lucky find of matching Kitty and Mimmy!

Rare find of school girl Kitty and got Aya from the kawaii Range!


Strawberry small super soft plush and Dear Daniel!


Kitty sitting and Mimmy Standing! For only 99p each!

So soft!

Sun tan Kitty and Dear Daniel! What a Rare find!

Kawaii Range Crew!

They just look so cool!
These are my newest Plushes added to my growing collection!
So happy-Such a happy kitteh right know hehe! Can you Blame me, when I got so many rare finds and bargains!

Tartan xox