Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Oyatsu Cafe Review

Hello Kawaii culture lovers , How are you all today?!
The sun is out the heat is warm and I have a great review for you all. (^_^)v
This view is a one for all you sweet tooth fans and candy lovers!Oh yummy I can not wait to get started so here are the very important bits 1st off!
Oyatsu Cafe is a Japanese store based in Japan! Yup this stuff is coming from the core of Kawaii Kingdom Japan! (*O*) WAAH!
The webiste can be found here Oyatsu-cafe and they also have facebook too which is found here!
The online store provides a large selection of Kawaii yummy snacks and candy, Also there is a Drinks section  of Green teas and Fizzy drinks and even Kawaii curry's in the Food sections too.
(^3^) Mouth watering and so much to pick from!! Hai! \(^_^)/
They set up their website to send Japanese foods around the world and what better way what directly from Japan.
My Parcel arrived really quickly and the parcel was a sacure cardboard box.It was filled to the brim with Candy Kawaii goodies, Know it was my birthday the other day so am recovering a over dose of Cake haha!

The parcel was lined with newspaper to stop the products rattling about the box but as you can see I was a bit shocked to get so many goodies in my sponsored parcel!

Waah! so many  yummy looking things!
It was really nice to see a change from just Pocky that can be easy found with more easy and the Panda Biscuits!
Things I have not tried (*0*)

So..What did I get in my parcel?
I got Panda Pocky,

Kabaya Panda Cookies, Pokemon gummies, Coris Strawberry Whistle Candy that comes with a  Toy,  Which all of this is eatten from the packet.

where as the next set of goodies are all like DIY Kits or add water to the mixture to be creative with your food- Even though my mother tells me not to food to play with my food...this is a exception!! \(^_^)/ because its so KAWAII!!
I got the folowing in my parcle the Kracie Oekaki Panda cake DIY kit, 

Kracie's Strawberry Neri and Neru Neru Nerune - Ramune Soda
All Of which you can find in the online store! YAY!
I cant not wait to have some fun lol!

(Later that day...)
Okay so I had some fun with the DIY snacks, I think I liked the Panda cake one the most fun and creative!
But here is some photos!

DIY sets, dont worry there is pictures that are easy to follow or check the website that has the how-tos!

Yum yum!

I found this one over powering with sour tastes of lemon LOL!!

This was so much fun to make.

The end result was very impressive Cute Panda Cake hehe! I was well impressed with my Skills hahaha!
*noms noms!*
(I will start my diet tomorrow...)
And because I love you all so much and want you all to go and try try these for your selves I have a ***DISCOUNT CODE*** for you!
You all to save 15% off yours at the check out at Oystsu Cafe online!!


I hope you like my review and try
these out - so much fun and so much to pick from!!