Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Hello Kitty's Releases 2013

 Wah Kawaii Lovers,How Hot has it been in the UK!
I have been loving the weather, Summer dresses , cute outfits and lazing about in the sun.
I have been a busy bee viewing new houses for my progress of moving house the biggest news we have sold the house!  ZOMG- It went really quick so please expect some blog delays and such, I will most likely post up more information on when and if we get a new house *Hopes it will be sooner rather than later!*
Any ways! 
I spied some Hello Kitty goodness today- I was on ebay and saw some Kitty plushes to bid on but I forgot too, as I was playing minecraft LOL  whoops, So I thought there is no harm looking on ebay ..yuno for a bit of online window shopping... HAAHA ...
so I soon came across this ...Look out TY Hello Kitty fans, Here is a dose of Super KAWAII Kitty-Chan!

There looks like a Halloween Outfit
2 snow outfits ( I love these so much!!)
The Glasses one is Brilliant! so Cute

These ones look more summery looking a Stunning Mermaid and ice cream  outfit  soo cute!
and check out the safari themed out fit and mini monkey!
so cute its just-I want em all!!

Here are some close up images of the last 3!

I may have caved in and bought the Mermaid one and the Ice cream one cause I love the outfits hehe!

Till next time Stay super Kawaii!