Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Kawaii Monthly Review

Hello Kawaii Lovers, I have a Blog Review post for you all today!
I was sent a complementary sample of a monthly subscription  called ''Kawaii Monthly'' there seems to a few out there know! This one has one difference that may sway you over, This Kawaii Subscription is coming all way from Japan and is done by the online shop Oysatsu Cafe,cool huh.Dot forget about my readers discount code found here oyatsu-cafe-review, they have called their new service  ''Kawaii monthly.''
which they set up a parcel and send you a dose of Kawaii items from Candy, Make up and even toys. what's not to like?!
I got my Parcel the other day, I will be working on a video for this too so be sure to check out my Youtube channel as well!
My parcel came in a simple Brown Package and in side was a cute decorated plastic bag of Hello Kitty all over it in pink and white.  Which held all the items in the parcel.

The Kawaii Monthly subcription contains a pack of 5 Japanese charms, snacks, make-up and other cute things every month for $18.99 (USD) or 12.60 (GBP). Which is not bad as its has the free shipping and is world wide.The packages regularly include licensed items from Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma which is a good thing to know as well. You can find out more here on this Link! 
So lets have a look what I got.
In side you get a letter which tells you a bit about each product and its like a small newsletter too.

So here is the items I got, I have to say they are cute and if your are kawaii Crazy then this is something you will want to sign up for. Also there is 
Prizes are given to the best un-boxing Blog and review videos each month.

Check out this cute mascot of Rilakkuma! So cute , Looks like he is having a nice nap!

Some see through Origami Craft Paper .

Yup, this is a Butterfly,That I made the Paper is very sweet looking! My Skills are not the best . I need to level up my skills.

Hard Candy with Strawberry yummy flavour !

Yum yum yum!

A Hello Kitty Trinket make up case its very cute and has a hint of glitter to it.
Am sure I will find a use for such a cute box and  will match in well with all my Hello Kitty things!

And a Lovely handy size canvas tote bag with a red cute bow ,which is adorable.
This will be useful for nipping out to the near by shops or packing lunch in to take in about about on day trips too!

Am rather pleased with all my items and am sure to use them all too! 

Rilakkuma seems to have eaten far to much candy!
I hope my review has giving you a good look to see what is on offer at Kawaii Monthly, They have hinted already a clue for some thing in the next parcel !
Here is a clue!

A current Japanese Kraze of Nameko!

Find out more on the website and keep a eye out for my video!

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