Saturday, 3 August 2013

Kikuya Kanzashi Review

Hey every one I have a review for you all this weekend.
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So let look at the review! Yay! 
Yesterday, I got some very special in the post that I finally got around to ordering. I been meaning for ages to order from a online shop called Kikuya Kanzashi, A small online shop that sells hand made Kanzashi items.Tsumami Kanzashi is the Japanese word for folded cloth but they are Hair ornaments made with cloth that are made into flower like shaped and style worn in the hair in Japan, often worn by brides at shinto weddings and fo maiko ( apprentice Geisha's).
There is a lot of spiritual meaning behind the Kanzashi and its a mix of both Japanese and Chinese origins that it came about, However these are often seen worn with the Kimonos and Yukata's at festivals in Japan.
Enough about the history- I don't want to bore you all  Heh I was not joking that I really like the history and culture in Japan, other than just Hello Kitty and Kawaii things.

My order was 2 Hair clips, of 2 flowers I got a green coloured on to match a Kimono (short mini Hello bunny thing they class as a kimono dress in the shops.) That I got from my mother in law and a pink one that I thought was so stunning I just had to have it,These came to about 9 for the 2, Both hand made.

They came in a box each with a Oriental flower pattern  on the box and  wrapped in soft paper to keep them well presented.
These are just so pretty looking, they have a falling petal effect which dangles and  the centre of the flowers have a some kind added decoration added to them and a bead on the end of the falling flowers.
They also have a clip at the back to attach to your hair.

I really like these cause they are so pretty, I was not sure where to put them in my hair so I sort of winged it haha! Also I HAD to wear them with my so called Kimono dress, I really would love to own a Yukata or a Kimono one day. I have looked on ebay to find any second hand ones but nothing has come up. Maybe I will have to ask some one for help to obtain one teehee, I rather I wore something more elegant to go with such pretty Hair ornaments.
I would love to find out more about different styles of Kanzashi and the types.

The shop is easy to use which you can find here Link!
The shipping prices are very reasonable and they are based in the UK .I would recommend them to anyone who likes the traditional side of Japan. The owner is also lovely and runs a really nice facebook page too found Here!

Worth checking them out!
((wonder if they would make a Hello Kitty Fabric one?!))

Here are my worn Photo's please bare with me as am not very well health wise so I don't look myself 

Close up

The Wind caught my dress (T^T)

Yea I attempted some sorta Japanese eye make up.

I hope you all like the review,till next time!