Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mummy Tartan time with Hello Kitty star Chart

Hey guys, so am sure there will be a few of you readers might be mummy's and daddy's.As a mother myself and have a 2 year old comes a lot of new adventures of teaching them new things. Myself am trying to encourage Potty training and trying to encourage good behaviour , The List is endless. Right?

Anyways I and Chibi bean set up a time a few weeks back to up a reward chart for every successful potty achievement , Chibi bean would get a sticker and get to put it on the big chart , we made together. It sorta works even if Miss bean is being very sly by asking for the potty for no reason. Just to get a sticker haha!
I also am adding new tasks to it am not sure what but am thinking of things like, Putting away toys , Clearing her plate at meal times ect.

However Chibi bean likes her Hello Kitty as much as I do and other things like of princesses and Minnie mouse. I would have loved to have made her reward chart look a bit more...well Kawaii! Its just pen on 4 A4's stuck together.  LOL! I know my Blog with often  mention my daughter but I try to keep her offline as much as I can.
Any how I thought some of you other parents would love to see what I happen to find the other day!

The other day Chibi's Daddy got her one of those interchange able pens which was a daft thing to do because she loves her pens and drawing and it was a hello kitty one...Well you guessed it I wanted one too!  Well it is Hello Kitty! and its so cute so since she got it we have been fighting over who is using it and switching the colours over haha. So I caved in and went back to Tescos for a second one. When I was there I found a large looking Hello Kitty Calendar in the same section , Great I thought . After a closer look it I saw it was a Star Chart. 

Which is perfect for Chibi bean!

I've not started using it but it will be used in our new house when we move which is drawing near!
I have opened it up for taking photos of it for this post and I have to say it looks great! It was also on offer too! (Tesco's back to school stationary section by the way!) Of course Chibi bean wants to use and cover the room from floor to ceiling in stickers. heh.

You can see why mistook this for a Calendar! 

But the back shows you its a star chart!

It's all set up for you to fill in, With Name.Date and 5 Tasks to set and reward! so so cute.

And you can even set a goal of X of amount stars to the reward your little one with something they like!

Here are the cute Stickers, You could use other ones too, if you want.
What clever idea right?! I and Chibi bean are looking forward to using this and getting lots of rewards too!