Tuesday, 10 September 2013

MCM Glasgow Comic con 2013

Hey every one, hope you are all well and staying Kawaii! On Saturday was the 1st Scottish mcm comic convention.

It was my 1st mcm to date but not my 1st convention. It was a early start for my day out, rushing about and packing up and dropping little chibi bean off at her Grannies, I fear, she is far to young and little for such events and would not enjoy herself.Also I would be in Mummy mode and I never have asked any one to take her for me to go out for a whole day.

So any way because we (Hubby and I )bought early tickets we headed off pretty early. I was going to cosplay but as I had been so unwell I was far from the mood of cosplaying. So my outfit was just casual and comfortable,also I was planning to take lots of photos.  And in genral have a nice day with Hubby. We got there in one piece but made 2 wrong turns lol. Thank goodness we had the Sat Nav! 

We were very lucky and got into a line waiting for entry, It was not to long a wait maybe about 20mins.
I took my time around the event, I was impressed with  what it had to offer lots of merchandise to buy!
There was a lot of cosplays , some really great ones too,I love to see the effort of others how put time and effort into them and see them having fun,I got to meet a few interesting Characters.Also I got to see my gal aka my fellow HK BBF at her stall selling at Jazzy Little Magpie I didn't get a photo of her Stall because it was so busy and we also chattered a lot lol! She totally rocked it out in her Batman dress! I did borrow her picture though!!

so much Kawaii!!
I didn't get any guest autographs but I did by a few things (or Hubby did hehe...) .I got to meet a other Friend I have on Facebook too which was so nice! she was so cute. There was also a Gamers Conner, Card battles, Guest talks and such, a artiest alley, A Doctor who display for posing in ,also a Back to the future one and even a massage team at hand too.
So here is some of my photos form the Event, Please note IMAGE HEAVY ! 

There was so much stuffs to buy


lots of Totorro!


Kawaii goodies





Hubby and some Melon- pan

Here are a few of the cosplay outfits I got snaps of!

And lastly, some goodies I bought 

I had so much fun. Hope you all enjoy the Blog post!