Monday, 9 December 2013

Hello Kitty and Kawaii Christmas

Hey Cute things!
I hope every one is getting into the festive mood, not long till Christmas!


So, It was 2 years ago when I did my Hello Kitty Christmas Tree. Can any one remember it?

Let me remind you.This photo can still be found on Google  and spread like wild fire over the Kawaii cyber world, It was the one post that put my blog on the path of Kawaii!
It was more of a Purple in colours and my cute white tree!

The 2nd year I went more Silver and pink with even more Hello Kitty's placed in my Tree....
This year in celebration of Christmas and Chibi beans Birthday! ( yup 3 years old on Christmas day!!Kyaaaa where did the time go?!).
The Hello Kitty Tree is back...And even more Kawaii. Even more Pink and Lots more Hello Kitty and a few extra cuties too...This years Tree...

What do you think? I have beaten the last 2 years with more Kawaii?!

Can you see the new Kawaii cute characters I have added? I really hope you like it cause here comes some photo spam!!

Tree close ups with lots of Pink and Hello Kitty, who likes the cute pink bows I found too!?
Lots of Princess Chocolate and Candy canes on the tree too!

New cute Characters fitting well in my Pink Kawaii theme!
Hey there My Melody, Hi Domo Kun!

And some more Kawaii Friends down at the foot of the tree!
Do you like Totorro's Santa hat?

I hope you enjoyed seeing the Tree pictures!
Hope your having fun dressing your tree's and making them Kawaii too!