Wednesday, 30 April 2014

How to be a Kawaii Pen Pal

Hello every cutie! Today I have a fun post. All about how to be a Kawaii Pen Pal!  I love having Pen Pals. And nothing beats getting a sweet letter from across the other side of the world to know that some one some where is thinking of you! So I thought it would be fun to encourage you all to have a go too.

The Very Important stuff!
Its very important to tell a adult about you wanting to be a pen pal if you a young thing, As you are giving out your mail address, So its best to get permission before you start. Maybe you already have some online world wide friends that would be willing to be a pen pal, there is groups that you can find on the internet but try and find some one with similar interests. I personally found mine through Instagram, Facebook and Hello Kitty Junkies.Pen Pal-ing can be serious business so please be very careful in what you write in your letters and give out.

Getting started. 
Often once you have made contact on looking for pen pals. They soon contact you, some pen pals have requirements like age-location- then they say what they dis/like. You can even make a set of rules in your call out for pen pals too.
Once some one contacts you on being a pen pal , I swap my details via email or Private message. (again please be carefull!) You may wish that they write to you 1st or the other way around. Keep hold of the email so you can email them in case of letters getting lost.  There is nothing worse!

Lets get writing!
So you have your pen pal and the address, Lets make a Kawaii Pen Pal Letter.

You will need to become a Kawaii pen pal!
Paper, any kind from simple lines to colourful and cute.
A pen or many pens.
Stickers and Ink stamps
Washi tape or sticky tape.

Writing is the easy part, tell your new pen pal a little about your self, like hobbies, interests. what a typical
day is like for you. What music you like things like that,Try and not be negative in your letters it might give a bad impression. Also never say a bad thing about some one in your letters either, Gossip is just rude. And they may know of this person especially if it is a other Pen pal. It is quite a tight community.

 Also don't forget to ask questions about your pen pal for them to answer in their letter to you back. You may want to make a mail tag, where you include some simple details about your self on a piece of card . You can even ask you pen pal to do this back for you. (it helps for a quick reference when you dont have the letter at hand when replying back).

Make it Kawaii !

Making you letters can be fun and kawaii at the same time. You just have to be super creative! It also helps to know what sort of things your new pen pal likes , so you can apply there likes to your letters. Like picking cute letter sets that have bunnies on them if they like bunnies for example. Its easy to obtain cute letter sets with matching envelopes online. I use a few online shops for my own letters to send. Nothing beats getting a super colourful envelope in the post among the dull ones when the post man comes round! 

When writing your Kawaii letter you could be very creative by using different coloured pens which can be a lot of fun as well as or why not write your letters with cute characters on your pens. Even try some drawings of little faces or emotions in what you are writing about in your letter. Teehee!

Why not add some decoration to your envelopes too you could draw some funny pictures around the address of the envelope and even some silly faces- It could even make the mail persons day seeing such a cute and cheerful envelope to pose!

Stickers are also a great way to make letters look cute ! They can really brighten up a letter again you could use kawaii characters likes of sanrio and san-x to add extra Kawaii. Or find something your pen pal likes and see if there is any stickers that you think would match their tastes. Don't forget to decorate the envelopes with stickers too! You really can get all kinds of stickers from cute kitty's to magical glittery anime girl ones. I adore stickers - Kyaa!

Decorative tape or Washi Tape is also a fun and cute way to make your envelopes really cute too and can come in handy for sealing your letters.Again there is all kinds of themes styles and even sizes to pick from when it comes to these tapes. Its much more fun than plain sticky tape to seal your letters , right!

Ink stamps is a other idea, you can find them in all shapes and sizes and unlike stickers you can use them over and over again to decorate your mail.

Over time you may wish to send a gift to your pen pal and you might want to set each other a limit in value for sending to each other. Its very nice to get a small gift from a new friend but so is getting Kawaii letters through the mail box too!

Don't forget to have plenty mail stamps and weight your letters before posting out letters. Always be careful in what details you give out. Don't be dis-hearted if your letters don't get a response back as your pen pal may be busy and needs some time to reply or there is a delay in postal services.
Most of all have fun with your pen pal letters and be super Kawaii!
Tartan <3

Monday, 28 April 2014

Cherry Blossoms and Treasure hunting

Hey there every cutie, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had a very eventful one, myself. It also was a lot of fun too. I went Cherry Blossom hunting and later went Treasure hunting or Geo- Cacheing with my friends.

I got lots of lovely photos to share with you. I hope that you like them. I returned to the Japanese Kyoto Gardens near by and got to see so many cute Cherry Blossoms in bloom.

I really liked getting such pretty images and seeing all the trees looking much more full that my last visit! 
Its such a enchanting place. You could easily forget that the City is near by.

I also went out geo-cacheing for the 2nd time, but now I am signed up and have an account to log my finds when out looking. I went to a neighbouring sea village and got 12 cache's on my trip and came across many pretty images I had to snap away. Its not the most Kawaii hobby but it was fun doing something as a team with my friends. I wanted to share the images I got from my trip.

I hope you like my photos, I took I really like the Abandoned Sofa image on the beach.
I can not wait for the day where all my images relate to Kawaii or Japan. huhuh!

Tartan <3

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Kawaii Club April un-boxing

Hello every one, Today I have the April Kawaii Club subscription to share with you!

Yay, for a other Kawaii club un-boxing! Not only do you get to see what's inside but you get to hear about the items.This month is crammed with super, super Kawaii items . Like SUPER KAWAII! And I bet your dying to see them!Yatta! Lets go have a look!

This months theme was *drum roll* Rilakkuma Homewares...Kyaa!
I have to say this is my favourite Kawaii Club box so far! Maybe cause am a sucker for home wares that are adorable, but I think its cause its all rilakkuma stuff! Eeee~
Also am sorta glad as I had been eyeing a few of the items in my kawaii club online too! So am super happy !

This month in the box we got your new letter with information in it about your items. The 1st time I got with the Ookii Parcel was a huge Rilakkuma re-useable shopping bag I love these things!

You roll it up to keep in a pocket or handbag when out shopping , whip it out and you have a large more stronger bag than the plastic ones from the shops! Once you are you, just roll it back up for using again! Its so handy! The plus side is its huge so its a great excuse to buy even more when shopping ~Huhuh! Also you will have the added bonus of using a super cute bag too!

Also we got a Rilakkuma phone number message board, which you stick on the numbers to the board to keep them at hand when you need to mind say your moblie number , home land line or any other important number, I never mind my home number so I used mine for that haha! Is so cutely decorated with Rilakkuma and Kiriotori on the board.
Also I got a Desk top Tidy box a handy item to have, Mine will end up being used for pens and paper notes my one is Yellow with Kiirotori on it, thats the little yellow bird by the way - teeheee!

 I found also a Kawaii Pump of Rilakkuma's head you could use in the bathroom or by the kitchen sink as a soap dispenser. I really wanted one of these for a while and am using mine to encourage chibi bean to wash her hands with Rilakkuma after using the bathroom. It seems to be working as well!

There is a set of memo pads that are adorable the are in different sizes too so there is 'tabs' that can be used for bookmarks and memo stickers to plaster everywhere and anywhere heehee! And they are all themed like Rilakkuma too!

The last 2 items are a San-x stapler, mine came as Korilakkuma as a stationary junkie and keen penpal writer this is a handy thing to have and my goodness its so cute!! I cant wait to have a new deck and have it sitting by my stuff haha!

The other item is a set of cute food resealers, you can keep your left over snacks fresh with these and seal up half eaten snacks,with cute Rilakkuma to keep watch over them too- heehee. A very handy gadget to have in the kitchen or when out and about too!

Well that's the un-boxing for this months Kawaii Club, keep a eye out for my post for next months when it arrives! Yay!

Tartan <3

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Marshmallow Dreams Maids

Hello every Cutie, 

Today I have a super Kawaii interview with The Marshmallow Dreams Cafe Maid's! Today am talking to
Head Maid Keara Chan or as her Maids call her Manger or Mama Chan/ Kira Chan. Kyaaa- Wow that is a lot of nicknames!

Not only is Maid Kira super Kawaii , she has lived in Japan, while teaching English. After coming Home from Japan she decided to recreate a Japanese attraction of the cute Maid cafes based in Scotland and its starting to prove very popular already.  A cute set up with a small team of maids well there is 12 of these cutie's, that attend expo's and conventions around Scotland .

So Let's get to know more about the Marshmallow Dreams Cafe maids with Kira Chan! Yatta!
copyright Princess peachie/MarshmallowDreamMaidsCafe

Kira Chan,first off thank you for taking part in the Kawaii time interview!
Can you tell us a little about yourself and about staying in Japan?

Hi everyone! I'm a 23 year old Post Grad Publishing student from Glasgow. 

I lived in Japan for a year where I taught English. I stayed two hours from Tokyo in a lovely, rural area called Gunma. I was lucky enough to meet many friends and see much of Japan that most tourists don't get to see!

Okay not every one knows of these Maid Cafes are, So can you tell us what a Maid cafe is for those who have never heard of them?

Very simply, a Maid Cafe is somewhere you can go and relax while being served with kawaii girls dressed up as maids! Japanese love everything to do with France, and the idea of butler and maid cafes came from there. It is completely innocent and enjoyed by both female and males alike!
They usually serve basic comfort food decorated cutely.

Ah okay ! Did you go to a Japanese Maid cafe in Japan ,what was your experience like?

I went to a few Maid Cafes, and I really enjoyed the experience! As the rumours say, you don't go to a Maid Cafe for the food, but their sundaes are great! Sadly it is restricted to take photos in many of these cafes.

Okay so why did you decide- Japanese cafe maids and what was your motivation and inspiration?

I had always liked the idea of opening a Maid Cafe in Scotland because in the last five years cosplay has become very popular. There are a lot of events and conventions happening, especially in Glasgow.
I had planned to wait a few years, but after being asked my friend to run a Maid Cafe at Shiwasu-con last December, I realised there was a demand for a Maid Cafe in Scotland!

My inspiration comes from the cute maids in Akihabara and one of my favourite animes, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Ah! *nods* So how did the'' Marshmallow Dreams Maids'' get their name?

I was toying with different names, similar to Lolita dresses, which are always very cute and elegant. I wanted to use the Japanese word "yume" which means dream. My friend was talking about a song about Marshmallows, and the two just came together! Marshmallow Dreams! It sounds soft, fluffy and cute, just like our maids!

Kyaa that is way to cute! What is your set up like when you have a Cafe? And can you tell us what to expect from coming to see you and the maids at an event or convention.

We try to imitate the Maid Cafes of Akihabara as closely as possible. We greet the customers with "Okaerinasaimase, goshujin-sama/ojou-sama!" which means "Welcome home, master/ my lady!"
This is the traditional Maid Cafe greeting. We then seat our customers and tell them about our menu- we usually have three different types of cafe and three different types of tea. I make cupcakes for the cafe, and our maid Jamm-chan makes other cakes.
We decorate the guest's plate with a sauce of their choice, for example chocolate or strawberry. We then do a special "moe" chant over the food before they are allowed to eat it. Each maid will have their own moe chant to fit their personality!
While the guests are relaxing, we play games with them- such as Janken (Japanese rock, paper, scissors), noughts and crosses or a question game where they try and guess something about the maid serving them.
Once the customer has finished, we escort them from the cafe and bow, wishing them a safe journey home.
Our maids also say other things in Japanese, such as thank you!

Oh wow that sounds like so much fun! eee~
How many maids do you have on the team and what sort of customers do you get?

We currently have 12 maids including myself. I am very lucky to have so many cute maids on the team, each has her own distinctive style!
We get many customers- some know what we do, others want to find out. We have been visited by groups of friends, couples, and people on their own.
At our first event we had some guys who were very confused by what was going on! It's funny to see different people's reactions.

And Are you all dressed the same or can the maids wear other colours?

At the moment we all dress differently. The maids wear their own costumes, but we are working hard so we can buy a matching Marshmallow Dreams uniform for everyone!

Aww so cute - Can't wait to see these new outfits!
Do the Maids have characteristics and different personality when they are being maids ?

Yes. The maids have the option of being themselves or changing their personality. It's only natural to act a little different in that environment. Personally I act a lot cuter and more confident!

How would you like to see the Marshmallow Dreams maids cafe in say a year's time and then in 3 years time?

Our goal for a year's time is to have our matching maid uniform.
Three year's time is a long while away! But I would like to think we would be much more well known on social media, serve at many events and conventions in the UK, and hold our own regular cafe event.

Sounds like a good plan,Tell us what would be your ideal dream Cafe set up be ?

It would be my dream to have a Cafe decorated very cutely, possibly with a Hello Kitty theme! We would serve afternoon tea as well as traditional Maid Cafe food like omurice!
I would love to have a cafe joined together with a 2nd hand Japanese fashion shop, like Closet Child. 

Wow,well every one! There you have had a cute insight to the kawaii world of the  Marshmallow Dreams Maids!
It sounds like a super fun service that will be popping up around and about in Scotland's Events and conventions. 
The Team of maids all look adorable and I cant wait to see what creative and cuteness they plan to bring to the cafe events. And you guys do not need to wait long for the next up coming event this year in June. 
Event details found here!
However,  If you can not make that event then you can keep up to date with all them Maids on Facebook here  and they have their own website which is also found on this link here!

I hope you all enjoyed the Interview every one and hope to see you at a Marshmallow Maid cafe event soon!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A bit of a Geeky Weekend .

Hey every Cutie,
How are you all? Last weekend I went to a Edinburgh Convention called '' Something Bl**dy Awsome''.
It was a small convention to what am used to. However it was a interesting one as it was all Sci-Fi and Super Heros.
I went along for out of sheer nosiy-ness and two, Photos. To my own disappointment, I did not get as many Photos as I wanted but the day I went.However it seems that the following day was some what more busy. Oh well. There was only a few or a handful of Cosplayer's and again they were all Sci -Fi ones or Hero's. And am more of a anime gal. So it was a bit awkward for me.
I ended up meeting a other photographer who I got chatting to which ended up chatting to for a good few hours.So I did enjoy myself. Maybe I needed to come later on in the day or try the following day for photos. But you do not know what these things are like until you get there. I was to meet my friends once I been to the event as we planned to go Geo- Cacheing. Yea it was a bit of a geeky weekend haha!
So with both of my friends armed and set with the GPS and their coordinates, We went hunting to find these Cache's. We got a only a few of them as 2 we could not find . This was my 1st time doing this and really just tagged along. I have a feeling we might head back to find more in Edinburgh.
While we happen to be near by a Cake shop called Bibi's .I got myself a really yummy Cup cake to eat on the way home and and a bunch of HUGE Macaroons in a box to take home( for family.Huhuh... I don't like not returning empty handed and kawaii-less haha!
Any way I thought I would share with you the photos I took- So please do enjoy them!

Tartan <3

Monday, 14 April 2014

Kawaii Easter ideas!

Hey every cutie!
Its almost Easter time, where all the shops decorated with spring themes, Easter eggs and chocolate sections are full to the brim and fashion goes to pastel shades.

There is a spring in our step and finally we can feel like wearing cute skirts and tops. Yay! Rabbits Chicks and baby animals are easy to find at this time of year and most of all baby animals are Kawaii .So here are some Easter Kawaii ideas for you all.

Lets being!
Easter decorations, what is else is super cute to dress up your bedrooms and rooms around the house.
I love those flag buntings you can either make or buy with ease. They can be both used for in doors and outside.

You can also be super creative with these as well why not make hanging Easter egg shapes, bunnies or maybe even some cute chicks to have on your bunting instead.

If bunting is maybe not your thing then why not  try stinging decorative kawaii spring items on some string or thread and have them hanging from a window or wall too.

As well as Decorating the house you can easily paint eggs with little ones over the easter holidays to keep them busy and have some fun. Why not make your Easter painted eggs into your kawaii characters from Sanrio and San-X.
Am sure you can come up with very cute and kawaii ideas for painting the eggs, these will make a cute centre piece on the table when you have guests over for Easter Sunday lunch.

Also did you know that you can get cute Easter themed Kawaii goods that you can give as gifts to your loved ones and kawaii friends! 
Yep you can find likes of Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and friends dressed up as the Easter Bunny and even a spring chicken, Kyaaa Kawaii!
What a great gift to give to some one.

Other ideas can be baking , Every one seems to like or enjoy baking at Easter, hot cross buns and many other things too, but you can make those just as Kawaii as anything else. From turning your normal cupcake into a Easter cupcake nest of mini eggs to making your own Kawaii Bunny shaped macaroons! Kyaa!

Oh and dont for get about wrapping up and presenting your gifts and displays with cute coloured gift wrap and picking cute Easter greeting cards too. Or why not have a shot at making your very own Easter bunny rabbit envelopes and letters with the use of Origami and picking pretty paper to leave a lasting impression for all your friends and family!
(You can use the bunny making evelopes as a skill for any birthdays and celebrations too, as they go down a treat like any other hand made gift.) *nods*

Have a Happy Kawaii Easter every one!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Kawaii Pastels fashion on the highstreet

Hello every cutie. 
How are you all doing. I thought I would share some Kawaii fashion finds that you can get on the local high street brands and some online retailers too. There is still a lot of Pastel shades in the shops. I guess with it bring spring every one likes to wear pastel shades.
And then there is me shying away from them and picking more bolder shades to wear, personally I do not think I suit pastel colours. But I do like looking at them and think they look super cute too.

 I spotted this cute powder pink cross over bag from And I love the shade and style of this bag and its a steal at a mere £15!

The other thing that has surfaced to the fashion world is the Wrapped skorts and skorts.
Looks like a wrapped/skirt but worn like shorts. These are not new, I used to own a pair once upon a time but what I love about them is the fact when there was no worry of the wind to catch your skirt . They are so Kawaii!  Yay! I hope they catch on again hehe.
Mind you am not very keen on the Wrap style.

The other thing that I found was cute beanie hats that still are found in the shops, no wonder it feels like spring and summer are so far away! Its not been a nice start to the year weather wise. But this spring themed daisy cosy beanie hat has caught my eye. It is so adorable looking.You can find it in River Island by the way.

A other cute bag I found was from again. I find that place can be a hit or a miss but then I guess it depends on what you are buying however I saw this and thought it was super cute a Lavender shade back pack. I really like its colour and the over all style of it .

It would be pretty cool to use it as a school or collaged bag. And a nice change from the dull back ones. hehe.

To keep with the spring time pastel themes here I found this cute hair band. Which is rabbit ears with Daisy flower heads on the ears. from River island. Hehe its adorable and would make a cute hair statement and for a themed Easter picnic too.

There is so many cute things in the shops right now, its just a case of keeping a kawaii eye open.

Oh and don't forget about your chemists and make up sections in stores because they also have jumped into spring! With really nice pastel shades, colours and textures in nail polish and there is some really cute baby pinks in the blusher counters and sweet soft mints and baby blues for your eyes!
For example look at this stunning pallet by Barry M and its cute packaging too, Kyaa! 

I do like seeing these pastels and spring themed items at this time of the year - it gives a bit of hope to warmer weather to come and I look forward to wearing more dresses and skirts in the year too. Have you already picked up your pastel shades in your own styles and fashions or are you looking for more bold colours and prints for spring?!