Monday, 28 July 2014

Hyper Japan 2014

Hyper Japan! The UK's biggest Japanese culture convention. Held often twice a year in London.
This year was my 1st time at Hyper Japan. Something I saved up for and put aside my time just to go. I am going to spilt up my post in two, Day one and Day two. Because there is so much to show and tell. I went both Friday and Saturday. (Blog post is image heavy )

Day One:t ( A run through of what to find and discover at Hyper Japan.)
 Wow , even over a hour or so before the event there was a queue, the sun was belting down on all those in the queue and it was so hot! Any way once the doors were open it did not take long for the room to fill up, in no time there was people everywhere. The first thing you are greeted by is the huge character Chopper , signs for each area hanging from the ceiling and a sea of vendors. One main stage at the right rear and 2 smaller stages. Each one full of performers, music, fashion and even someKawaii robots. To be really honest I did not know where to start so as there was so much to take in.

There was a huge Games area from Arcade games to trying out, the WiiU and the 3DS. Am pretty old school with my consoles- lol- So I gave my best at having a go of the newer consoles and failed miserably. It was pretty fun, there was a lot of hard core gamers and so much going on in this one small area of the event. If you went walking about that area you had the chance to meet and greet Mario, Luigi , Pac-man and Pikachu Mascots, I missed Pikachu...I was so gutted but never mind! Please excuse my bad photo of me with Mario and Luigi, Hubby took it and my face is hidden in shadow! - eeep-

Game's were not the only high technology at the event! There was a on screen Domo Kun ( a Japanese TV mascot for the Channel NHK,) that you could get your photo taken with and a small section of the most adorable looking robots ever to. Adding to the musical element was Hyper Vocaloid.

At one side of the event was all the Japanese yummy food , I was really struggling with the heat down in London, yuno being Scottish and all am not used to it. -lol!- So I only really Drank and took a few bites out to keep me going. I highly recommend that you drink lots of water at these events more so if they are in the summer months. Even though the place was shaded in side the volume of people and heat really got to me. But  that aside I did have some yummy things such as Bubble tea, Shaved Ice and Taiyaki to name a few small things. There was a lot more other Japanese food to try and enjoy as well.

There was also a lot more than just food and games! There was a large amount of Traditional Culture at the event as well which was part of my main reason of going - of course you all know I was there for the other part being Kawaii! But yes the Traditional side interests me just as much. Such as the Kimonos, Music, Japanese good's and the performers. There was may people at the event wearing Kimonos and Yukata's. (summer Kimono's). They looked so pretty.  The demonstrations and performers all had such elegance , passion and focus when they were on the stage.

As you can see the event was a burst of colour and culture, no matter where you looked . I will be uploading all my photos to my flickr and facebook account as there is over 2K to look through and sort oh and edit too. Don't make it easy for myself do I?!
As well as the Traditional culture from Japan there was many independent sellers located in the 'Hyper' Fringe area which included many things such as Artist, Jewellery designers , Clothing and even stalls that belonged to some Japanese Bands such as Broken Doll.

And, this is only some of the things you can find at Hyper Japan waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.
 Keep a eye out for my next post of the second part of Hyper Japan, J- Fashion, Music and much much more!

Till then!
Tartan <3