Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hyper Japan - Part 2

Hello every one and yay, am on part two of my Hyper Japan adventure.
It has been so hard to outline such a huge event and try to put it all into words. Any way this part is all about the music, J- fashion, cosplay and Kawaii things!  Cause you all know, How much I love Kawaii~ Hehe! I might even have a third part to this, I really did take way to many photos~ whoops!
(Image heavy post.)

So the stages were the place to be at Hyper Japan , I really could not say, which was the stage I enjoyed the most cause they were all entertaining in every aspect of Japanese culture. We had Fashion shows, Dances,and lots of super fun.

There were also so much shopping to be done at the event, It sounds crazy but I was not very keen to part with my money. I think it was the heat or something. But I can say you can still enjoy the event even with out spending a lot of money! But there was so much stuff I really did not know where to even start or what to look at first. I was happy to meet many stall holders and chat away with them. There was really something for every one at the stalls. It is very much Kawaii Heaven!

I guess you will all be interested in what I got but you will all find out in my next post heehee! As well as the amount of shopping to be done and the shows on stage. There was many other things to see from the event and more so those attending the event! Those dressed in J- Fashion to those in Cosplay. It is great to see so many styles and others joining in too.

The atmosphere was very enjoyable and every one was there to just have a good time. There was also a cosplay Parade on the  main stage. I will add all my photos up to facebook and my Photography page and such.
I hope you all enjoyed the part 2 of my post. Coming up next is part 3 which is all about Hyper Japan x Tartan Kawaii!!

Till then! Stay Cute .