Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hyper Japan x Tartan

Hey every one, today's post is more of  a personal take on Hyper Japan. I hope you enjoy it!
My adventure started on by leaving super early on Thursday. Spent the whole day in London and suffered from the heat!  Taking shade at the Natural History Museum and drinking lots of bubble tea.

It was super busy inside but I got some very stunning shots with my camera, I got stopped at the door for my bag to be searched  I was super embarrassed because the part they looked in was full of Lady products. -OMG *DIES*. Ending up spending most of our day in the museum and then returned for a early night to rest up for Friday the start of the Hyper Japan weekend.

Friday was a case of getting up dressed, wearing a Tartan Fuku( but of course!) , bracing the heat as the even started at noon and heading over to the event , my hubby joined the queue and I found Angela from the blog life in the kawaii lane, which was so nice to meet a fellow blogger and Kawaii lover after that I had to exchange my paper work for my press pass, I meet some lovely members who were press too and  walked into the event. Only staff were in there, staff and the vendors setting up. It was empty. I was over whelmed and the first thing you feel is the sheer size of the event and size.

I enjoyed looking around all the stalls and exhibitor's. The Traditional performers were breath taking and the other performances where so enjoyable. I also meet up with Cutesy Kink a UK clothing  retailer and spoke away to the awesome store owner. I loved the fact that these events bring folk together. Then I headed over to a other store stall Artbox, I been a fan of ArtBox a long long time and they recognised me haha maybe cause I spent most of my birthday money at their online shop, I bought a few things from them and enjoyed the rest of the day. It was much more relaxed that day and not as busy you could easily walk about with out getting in any ones way. I also meet the lovely Aisha from The Anime UK show and we got our photo taken with digital Domo...we were a bit gutted about this we wanted the REAL domo! As a big Domo fan we want the real thing haha. Soon enough we found out that the real Domo would be around later so like a hawk, fangirl... I kept going back to find him and got my photo taken with him!! YAY!!

I also meet Mario and Luigi!!

The next day Saturday was split up in 2 sessions, It was a early start and a bit of crazy-ness getting ready that morning and then dashing over to spy Angela in the queue already - Gurl you were crazy early!-Thank goodness it was not as hot as the day before. This time instead of walking right on in, I had to queue with the other press and I spied my new team members on a new upcoming project at the back and made a time to meet up later. While awaiting to get in I also spied my K.I.S family joining the queue. Once inside and I got my press pass and re grouped with my hubby and meet up with K.I.S by chance and then went on to enjoy the event. This day I meet many other kawaii lovers and lolita's and folk from face book. It was all a bit strange but in a nice way to finally put names and faces together. Also it was the one day I had many others ask for my photo!? Ehh? -Blush-  It was really fun though and many loved my Rilakkuma outfit.

I also got to meet the awesome Cosplayer Vcosplay  in the above photo (Viet) who was also dressed as a huge Totoro on the sunday- was super gutted to miss it cause I was leaving on the Sunday.
I also meet the stunning Pixe_late who was super happy to chat and say hello to me and take photos together and and Gothic Lolita Wig Muse Alexa ,which was really cool.

With so much Kawaii going on I had to buy some things from the stalls so here are some photos of my goodies! I finally got a Gloomy Bear, KPP Edamame plush , A cute pink doughnut plush and a Ice cream one for Chibi bean- she loves Ice Cream! I also got a doughnut  charm bracelet ,a super magical necklace from Glitter bomb and  Nano blocks of hello kitty and lots of instant photos taken too.

Over all I had a fantastic time at hyper japan , it was so much fun! yay!
I hope some time in the furture I can return to the event , am not sure when as I would like to go to other events that are on at convention session and explore them.
I want to thank every one who said hello and met up with me and I miss you all so much.
Till next time!