Sunday, 11 January 2015

Tartan Kawaii in DisneyLand

Hey guys, am back. well I was not away very long but it me it felt like I have been away a life time, I have started 2015 with some Disney magic and adventure.

 I and my little family went to the wonderful world of Disney- A dream I have had since I was a kid. Though mind you I was a complete kid while I was at Disney. But then I think every one is who goes to Disney. I went to Disney Euro in Paris and had a mission to meet many characters and get many photos as possible. Donald Duck being high up on my list! 
I love Donald Duck.
So I could go on and on about how much fun and exciting the place is but am not going to, am gona be honest.... THE PLACE IS FRIGGEN AMAZING! I really loved it, however with taking Chibi bean it had a lot of draw backs from long waits with grumpy child or a hungry child or a child throwing a tantrum..oh wait. No that was me throwing the tantrum on the way home cause I really did not want to leave. lol

I think my highlights were just being there, hunting down and finding Donald duck and getting a photo with him. Meeting both Mickey Mouse and Minnie and being able to buy lots of cute things to add to my kawaii collecting. As well as spending lots of time together with my little family and having fun.
So here are some of my phone photos ones I took.
*Image heavy* 

There was many Frozen aspects around the park, I even saw the royal parade of Elsa and Anna.

There was so much to look at and see!

Disney looked pretty creepy at night in the fog! But it gave off some cool photos that I sorta missed due to not having my tripod for night time settings. There was so many chances of taking interesting photos in such a magical place.

Mickey and Minnie in Star Wars themed outfits.

I got to see 3 parades one the royal frozen princess one, The Christmas parade and the Disney Magic one. The princess one was rather...dull those poor horses had to pull the cart for Elsa and Anna and had to keep stopping for the crowds to see. I was not keen on that parade. I much liked the floats style parades.

So many sweets that looked so stunning! *mouth watering photos!*

And of course here is a few of my selfies that I took with Characters. And it was so much fun meeting them all and more so grabbing Donald duck for a photo!
 I will upload up the rest of the DLSR photos in time as there is a fair few I need to go through and slightly edit before I post them. Of course I took many photos of my family if any of you wondered why these ones are all me, but am not posting them ones cause they are private. ( mother mode.)


Meeting and eating with Mickey mouse and friends was pretty cool and a lot of fun , Mickey was such a cutie- pie!
We also stood in line for meeting Mickey and Princess Merida from Brave, Tigger and Pooh bear. Others were just me on stocker mode trying to hunt them down while around the park , spying others such as Chip and Dale, Mary Poppins and Peter Pan but no photos there!

I got some really nice things such as more Tsum Tsums which I think ,I need to do a post on about them again since the UK has taken an interest in them all of a sudden, I have known about them for some time and seeing them being sold was so cool - I might have bought a few *cough*
I also got a new beanie hat with Minnie's bow on it since it was soo cold! And I mean Baltic cold! Lucky it got warmer later on in the week, I was wearing so many layers as well.  Oh and I got a Paris Duffy Bear and a Plain Duffy Bear plush as well. Of course I bought a few things for some family and spoilt Chibi bean like rotten. I am glad I saved my money but even still I can see me struggle with this long month ahead!

Any way till later's!
Tartan xox