Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Having a Kawaii blog -Life Lessons

Of late , I have had many of you ask questions, from should I start a blog to how can I be as popular as you. I felt ,I should maybe do some kind of post of guidance or hints and tips . Maybe it would make life easy for the rest of you. But giving some one hints and tips is all fair and well but really in my personal opinion blogs are a personal thing and it can become a over night hit or like my blog take 2-3 years to even be noticed in the big world wide web of the internet. So I thought I would blog about well..  my blog  and maybe answer those questions you sent me.

When I started my blog, it was so bad! I cringe to think about all the emojis I used and animated .gifs I some times use text ones tho! ^^; Thinking about those really bad photos that were filling up my side bar with useless crap. haha. Am so glad my blog has well...matured.
Over time I invested in myself - no one wants to see a sloppy blog with borrowed art work and looks all a bit over the top. 
Which is why, I decided to invest in myself getting a wonderful artist for a start and with her help given the Blog its now 2nd make over.  I cut out a lot of the small un-readable text and made things clearer and cleaner looking but still super cute! ( But of course!) Am so in love with my doughnut themed blog right now!  I think having a clean easy read blog is the basics for making a good blog others might want to read.

Why did you start a blog?-  I started my blog for fun, it's my hobby , I never expected any one to read it or get seen.

I try to keep my topics in a nice amount of range because sometimes blogging about the same thing can be dull but to give it a overall thing, I just its about my personal Kawaii lifestyle and sharing it. I never ever expected any one to read my blog or take an interest unless it was a reviewed item that was on trend at the time. My blog is my Hobby - I think you must work very hard to make it a profitable income. Since I started my blog and been blogging I maybe have have about 10% of reviews or features sponsored to me. I get many a time of others asking things such as

 - Do you get free stuff all the time?-
 -Do you get paid in items/products ect ect?-

The simple answer is no.
No not  all the time.If I do get sponsored at all, my sponsored items are time for time ( a term used a lot in modelling too.) . Its like a exchange of each others trade. Meaning if I review the item or product ( my trade )sponsored by a company and once they get the review then I am allowed to keep the product ( their trade) after the assignment.

-How do you get sponsored?-

Haha, Well if any one has the answer here feel free to let me in on it. As I rarely am sponsored I can not really answer this, However contacting companies and asking if they run affiliate programs or are looking for blogger's is one way to start. However you might want to think very carefully on the way you ask and make sure to apply to a company that fits your blog and self. I mean I would never review body piercing or plugs jewellery as I don't have any piercings or the need for plugs - so I can not really review them! Or Say you have a blog about Cats and you then ask a Make up company for Make up but your blogs all about pet cats. It is very likely the company will not be interested in you. 
When you do contact companies it is worth to take the time and come across as polite and hard working. Also this is also important to make sure your blog looks good to a company. Also do not get upset if a company never gets back to you or refuse you. It's okay just pick your self up and try again!

-Should I start a blog and where should I start?-

I don't see why not , many have blogs and website's , If you think you can devote the right amount of time to a blog then go for it! Picking a blog host might take a of time to research such as blogger or wordpress. Pick something you like the look of and find easy to use. And Blog about the things that you like and interest you. Also take your time on the blog and make it yours , keep it original and fun to read.

-Do you have any tips to share?-
Enjoy your blog, but also go out and do things, its easy to be like omg- need to do a blog post and forget about going out. Live your life and fill it with wonderful things then you can blog about it and share. And also try and link up other social media formats to your blog and have them listed for your readers to find you on other formats such as twitter and instagram. Its a handy thing to have too. Do not get upset if you have not as many followers or readers as others, It's just a number at the end of the day. It really do not mean much in the real world.

What did you think of this blog post, Do you have any other questions that you want to ask, comment below or PM me sometime.
Tartan x