Friday, 10 July 2015

Hello Kitty Marine Mamepuchi -Tsum Tsums Review

Hello every one! My its been a while. With Vacation then coming back to my birthday and all the stuff I need to catch up on am glad to sit down and write up a review on my newest items. As you can all ready tell from the title that it is to do with Hello Kitty style Tsum Tsums. Or as Sanrio call them Mamepuchi or Mame petit plushies.

So the newest ones came out and they are a Marine style theme where the characters are dressed up. I ordered a few from Cool_Nippon, my one stop,shop for all kawaii items. It is so nice to have a reliable and trusted seller . I can place my order and be rested assured it will come with no problems what so ever. The shipping is also tracked and the seller gets the items out super fast too.

I was really excited to know when I returned from being away there was a parcel ready to appear on my door step from Japan. YAY! My order came in a brown sturdy box with no damage or dents on it. Inside my items are presented as if I had ordered from a store in person. This makes this feel very personal and thoughtful.My items were in a Sanrio bag. See the above picture.

Inside was the full collection for the Marine set, there is a total of 5 of them and that is the following of Hello Kitty, Cinnamon Roll, Pon Pon Purin, My Melody and Gudetama who is a recent character from Sanrio.  Each one is very like the original collection , Hello Kitty is in a pink outfit this time and like the rest it is has sailor style stripes .

Each one also supports details on the sailor collars , their own trademark details like the other set and of course a cute sailor hat in matching colours. They are super adorable looking! They are the same in size of the other set too. I can not get over how cute each little sailor hat is on them . I have such a love for palm sized items and miniature sizes. I bet it is cause it is the fact that it is far easy to display and store them all stacked up than bigger sizes!These make a great gift for Kawaii lovers and Sanrio Fan's!

 You can buy your own set here!!Cool_ Nippon shop link!!

As well as these inside my order I got 3 new items* by Dolly Wink to try from the store.
Dolly Wink is a well known make up brand in Japan, Inside was 3 shades of a new eye pencil made by them - that I have not seen before. I thought they looked very pretty and cute and here is what they looked like when I got them in very pretty packaging.


 As you can see the items look cute and come in shades of pink , purple and blue. The colours are very pretty. I ran them over as a swatch and they came up very bright but you need to layer it a bit more or soften the pencil for around the eyes - in order not to pull or drag around the skin around your eyes. These can be used on both your water line or as a upper and lower pencil liner and they look stunning on too. I am trying out the purple one as I write this. It looks fab on simple make up and other styles. I think the pink is my favoured ones of the selection but they are so nice each of them. I never used Dolly wink before but I like these. The pencil caps even have elegant and pretty design and the pencils are easy to use as well. I was very happy to get such a pretty and beautiful gift.

I love all my new Kawaii plush mascots and new make up.
What Japanese make up and kawaii items do you like the best?

Tartan xox