Saturday, 29 August 2015

Spiritually Kawaii

Hello Kawaii Kitten's,
So I wanted to do a post on something here for a while now about my current inner search. So I guess this is a personal kind of post. For a while now I have been riddled with being unwell and out of sorts. I think it gave me a bit of a wake up call. Both mentally and physically.

Most of the time I only share Kawaii related topic and such and it would be easy to think that is what I am solely about ,however with my wake up call or maybe re wake up call? I have other interests and hobbies.  Spirituality has been a natural like path for myself being pagan , am very attune to it and nature.  I love the fact I can walk in the forests near by and take a time out or spend time in my flower beds and vegetable patch . I can with ease find myself by the coast line and enjoy the blissfulness around. I think we all need to have a place we can chill out. But sometimes I think, I have lost myself and now am finding that its time to rekindle that side to me for my health and being.

With many changes to my diet and making it much more healthier but still having the odd treat of a Kawaii pink iced doughnuts on a Friday - which is my Well Done you made it through the week, with out the sun blowing up. Eating lots of good things such as more veg and fruit and cutting out lots of soda/ fizzy drinks and changing it to favoured water or plain water for detoxing my body and its
system. Eating fresher foods and harvesting from my own garden has started to help with my health. I still have a long way to go but am going to get there. Of course where I can, I will - water my garden with my Kawaii watering can, Decorate my flower beds with coloured windmills were you can see evidence of that in my past posts of Kawaii Garden and use only Kawaii aprons when cooking up those healthy meals / snacks.

The other things I like to do , one being a thing I can use to enjoy movement and play is Poi Spinning. Of course I only pick the cutest pink poi angle threads and spin or dance to up beat fun music . Poi has been a great way for me to focus energy into. Not forgetting its a lot of fun as well, It gets me outside and makes you move.Maybe even thinking of it as moving meditation, I am beinging to enjoy it so much with tricks and investing in new poi's and yes you guessed it I pick the cutest possible ones that I can find. ( Mostly Pink ones.) If I cant get a chance to do Poi ,its okay as am walking 2 miles each day for the school run! Which is also a extra win for exercise. As well I be attending Yoga as from next month. You can see me attempt Poi Spinning on my you tube channel!

Those things are important diet and exercise but also important to me is inner peace. Having being haunted with night terrors, waking up shouting or sweating  from such awful dreams. I knew my subconscious was trying to tell me something. I really felt the need to get back to finding some inner peace as well as dealing with my worry and stress.  I turned back to the things I used to do. Crystals, Meditation and Colouring in therapy as well as connecting with my spiritual side.

Of course  am doing most of this stuff in my kawaii room but I made a little purchases to have a little area to do my stuff, its kinda cute seeing my Crystals in there basket among my Hello Kittys , my Chakra dream catcher blending in on my wall with the other kawaii looking art I already have and am seeking a new place for my Mantra Prayer flags. Am also currently using my Hello Kitty pillows to sit on for my meditation but seeking out a cushion that is more suited for that - of course I am looking for one that is both spiritual and cute at the same time.

With it being the new term and such its been a great turning point even though my journey is just restarting - I am starting to see and feel changes. I have noticed before I was quite hermit like and now am starting to peek out of my shell again. I even have set my goal to do at least 3 or meditations a week- would love to do one daily . I am in love with Bexlife on youtube. You have to check her out! I can not recommend this lady enough, with her videos and 21 day mantra - I for one am finding inner peace and calm , Thanks to her!

Am also aiming to build up myself for the next event, am going too. cancelled some current events which I was meant to be at- am sure many are disappointed in me for doing this but  I really feel like it is something I have had to do. I also am happy to say am diving back into Tarot and found a old deck of mine and have also found new oracle cards that are not airy fairy like. My oldest friends will know how much I dislike angel cards and airy-ness. With being a old school pagan - I guess makes me favour traditional ways. However am excited to get a new deck of more appealing like oracle cards that are linked with more spiritual aspects than messages from light beings.

Right now, am going through a change, a good one. My self needs this to further myself and its wonderful revisiting an old interest from a kawaii point of view, Or looking for its Kawaii alternative. Many may think am jumping on some bandwagon of spiritual ways and inner peace but honestly its just a small part of who I already am - I just never really shared it with many.