Tuesday, 8 September 2015

MIMO Pencil Case shop - Review*

Hello my Kawaii Kitten's, I do hope each and one of you are ready for this fun filled post on my blog full of kawaii things and I mean FULL of Kawaii! So I got a lovely email a while back from the owner of MIMO Pencil case shop based in the USA. Asking little Kawaii me if I would like a parcel from them. What I received was not only a generous amount of items to show you all and blog about but a lovely exchange of emails saying how much they liked my blog. As well from the emails I got a wonderful vibe of passion in the items that the owner sells. 

''Organize Kawaii style.  MIMO Pencil Case Shop offers everything to keep you organized every day the Kawaii way.  With adorable pencil cases and pouches, pens and pencils, post-its, stickers, and all the super cute accessories that you can dream of, MIMO Pencil Case Shop not only has it all, but offers super cute and affordable daily necessities to Kawaii your life! Bring joy back into organizing your life with all the latest products featuring Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and all their friends. From elegant and simple to cute and artsy, MIMO has a style to match everyone’s taste. Just starting? Develop your love and passion for all things Kawaii. Go take a peek!''- MIMO Pencil Case Shop.

The website is a lovely, simple and easy to use and has a collection of many items covering your stationary needs in every kawaii way possible! So read on to find out so much more ...

WOW! There was so many items and oh my they are just the cutest things ever! These here are the stickers I got , as well as book mark stickys and cute post it envelopes that you write on the back with out the need of paper to slip inside, so nice and easy ! A great way to do thank you notes! I adore stickers as most of you know so getting a huge bundle in a pack was like putting me in a candy store. So much cuteness. The bookmark stickers are a win, you can use them any where and on everything from books to your dairy or keeping a mark of what page you are on with your colouring in therapy books. I adore the cute little designs of Bunnies and Kittens. I can not wait to get to use all of these adorable stickers.

My items were lovingly wrapped like little gifts , this boxing felt more like a birthday or Christmas surprise- I honestly was sqwee-ing with delight over so many Kawaii things! I love that personal touch of some one going out their way to gift wrap something with so much love.  The other items that I revealed from the box are characters I love and adore Hello Kitty Multi Pen and a My Melody coin purse, Which are so super cute!
There is also a lipstick shape fun style rubber/ eraser which is so sassy and fun and a deco tape , which I thought was like a tipex corrector but its a really fun heart deco tape that you can roll along which is something I have never used before. What fun I shall have with that. With keeping in the theme of pink and Hello Kitty I also got a handy Kawaii 15cm ruler to as well. One other item I got which you can see on my youtube video is thee very adorable super soft pencil case of Korilakkuma in a pink bunny outfit and it totally matches in with all of the items too. I love it when things match and blend into a cute theme.

And finally running down to the last items that were found in my box of goodies are the following.
An amazing dairy with a darling Molang bunny on the front , back and side, its one that is not set to any year so it can be used as and when and you fill it the way you want it to be. Inside it , it has  lots of adorable designs and its very thick with a good quality finish too it. I also adore the fact it is PINK! cute or what?!
As well , as you can see the set of pens and pencils, one being a mechanical pencil which you clickly- clicky the bear cup cake at the top for the led to pop out.  There is 5 pens, each on is utterly adorable and cute to look at and use! 2 of them are bunny themed and the other 3 are cat themed one which is a hello kitty one with the sweetest looking charms on it.
I adore these so much and will be looking so kawaii to have then to use when doing my pen pal letters, signing homework or have one in my hand bag to whip out at any time. 

I adore every item and can not wait to use these all, fill up my new dairy and decorate everything with those adorable stickers! So I am going to give you all the links you will be needing to get your own kawaii stationary for your school, work and collage  to match with your own Kawaii Vibes.
Not only that,if you are a fan or reader of Staying Super Kawaii and myself Tartan, then you cuties get this special discount to use on the web site shop as well!

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