Friday, 25 September 2015

Relax with Pure Thoughts

I have been meaning to share this post with you all but of late I have had no interest in doing my blog, youtube or anything much of late. However with all the mopping about and feeling sorry for myself I found some time to type this up. I guess we all go through those phases time to time where we feel like this. Any way enough of such talk!  A few weeks back I got a pampering parcel in the post a gift for me , from me! Those are the best gifts when you need a pick me up.

So I picked up some goodies from a UK online website called 'pure thoughts'. Who make natural hand made soaps and other bath and body products, This is my second order from them. The oil stuff is a other item I got from a online pagan shop and its one of those roll on oil perfumes so am not gona talk about that here cause it is not from pure thoughts. 

As you can clearly see I ordered some soap , this time I went for the  Honey and Orange one. Last time I got the Lavender soap which you can see what the soap looks like outside the wrapper, mind you there is less of it as I have used it a fair few times. The scent from the Lavender one is divine and not over powering . The soaps also lather well when used and are a good size. Am looking forward to using the Honey and Orange one  when I used up the other.

The other item is the whipped shea body butter. In my first order I got a tester pot to see if I liked this before buying a full size of the product. I picked Lavender cause I do adore the smell of it . I really liked the texture of the whipped butter and that it left my skin so soft after use. You only need a tiny amount which goes a long way. The smell of this is so nice and melts into your skin with ease.

The other item and product is a lip scrub, I picked the sweet honey one. It has a gentle scent to the product and again its all made with natural goodness. In the past I have had other lip scrubs that have been rather to harsh on my lips , where this one seems to be much more on the gentle on the lips. Also when using it , it was also not as gritty as ones I have used in the past. I really like this scrub as it leaves the lips soft and there is a butter like balm that keeps in the moisture.
I adore using these products, because they are hand made , natural and I was delighted on how nice they are .  The packaging is simple clear and very basic . However I like it as it ties in with the product.

If your looking for natural and hand made loving products, for your own body and bath care then check them out here on the link.