Monday, 19 October 2015

Animal Curelty Free and/or Vegan Make up

Oh what a path I have found myself on! As an animal lover the thought of furry babies being put through tests just for us to look pretty is a pet hate of mine. Personal thing. So I do favour my own make up to be animal cruelty free and it is Vegan that's a added bonus too. 

For years I have used brands that I did not fully know ,were still testing on animals for the sake of make up. The only brand I knew that was cruelty free and accessible was good old BarryM, but I some times don't like the stuff they come out with or do not have the shade am after . However I do these days use them as my basics, Foundation , powder, eye-liner, Yuno the things I use for that everyday make up. OH and of course the nail paints or nail polish is a winner too. As its affordable and easy to get hold of too. More so when it something your going to run out, most of all . So I want to be able to pick it up easy as and when.

However some times I want something that little bit more different or try a other brand with the same enthics so here is a few other brands I have tried myself with my thoughts on them and the products. Most of these are USA makes which is a tad annoying due to shipping. I do though have 2 UK online stores who can help us out with that. 

So here is a list of the brands I have discovered and what I think of them!

First up is Sugarpill, based in LA, USA by Shrinkle. Think bright colours, Harajuku to pastel dreamy shades and mixing them up with a hint of goth. I have 2 eye shadow palettes by Sugarpill Cosmetics, all are press powder , you can buy loose tubs of shadows too but I liked having the palette with a range of shade

s. I have the limited Edward Scissor hands one and the Sparkle Baby one. The one thing I do adore is the packaging on these so cute and Kawaii. Also you will fin d that this brand is Vegan and do not test on our furry friends either.  So far they only do eye shadow and nail polish products. (nail polish is for the USA only.)  I do like these products that I have tried so far but find you do need a primer to help the lighter colours show up on my skin tone. What I do love is the instagram account they have - which is full of inspiration and colour! I am in hope that they will be making more palettes soon as I feel they are slightly limited in variety.

Medusa's Make up , a brand I found this year that is also a USA brand. PETA Cerficated  so they are animal cruelty free and most items are Vegan.They try and recycle and stay green in the offices and in with packaging .It's nice to know that they try and keep things green.  They have a large range of products, lipsticks, gloss and eye shadows. Your Foundation, powder and colourful eye liner. Am sure there is more too- might of missed some .

I myself have a few products, being the gel eye liner, eye shadow, primer and lip gloss.
The eye shadows come in little tubs full to the brim of lots and lots of different shades most of the ones I have got are shimmery ones - I only found out they do matte one on their own website. You can even buy a 48 collection of these! 

Like the company say the eye shadows glides on like silk when applied and is so pretty on. I only have 3 as I type this up. I have 3 more on the way and a lip gloss. I do have a gel eye liner in the bright pink which is nice but I barely use it as its more for those over dramatic looks and am not feeling those vibes to do my make up like so just now with it being the darker side of the time of year. However its really good and you get a lot inside the little tub of gel and you can also buy the brands own brushes if you wish too.

Oh I do like Concrete Minerals, I have got a fair few of these shadows, Mainly shadows  and lip tints product wise, these are more your creepy cute with lots of pop like shades and are 100% vegan and Cruelty free.  Theses are loose powder in tubs that are a little bigger than the Medusa's tubs and have filters with the little holes to stop all the powder from falling out and well, everywhere.
They are very easy to use and lots of shades to pick from. I have both the Sugar Skull collection and the Zombie girl one. I am not the biggest fan of the lip tints but they are handy for those days when you are not game for your full on lipstick.

Next up we have Lunastick Cosmetic Labs, I found these guys via instagram thanks to a talented lassy called RoseShock who wears a lot of their make up. This was when I was searching for my replacement LimeCrime, (OMG bad word that!) However the lippy's I got were not Matte ones, in the end I found that I liked the Lip Slick products - which were more liquid creamy style lippy that lasted well on the lips and leave a tint on your lips after ware, I got a few of these and really like them for a change or if my lips need a rest from drying out with matte's. I am yet to try the normal lipsticks. They also do glitter, eye shadows and finishing powder and a new contour pallet is out. I have Supernatural in the eyeshadows and its a bit of a love hate thing we got going on. They are lose press powders that have each own little presser to keep them , well pressed. I find this annoying . I rather it was a compacted pressed style as for travel or moving this about. It is gona spill everywhere. Again this brand are animal cruelty free and vegan.

And moving on to my last brand to talk about is this , JSC aka Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Now since last year I have been hunting for lime crime replacements, something to live up to the long lasting ,liquid to matte finish, in amazing colours. After seeing drama and what not unfold about lime crime. I am so glad I threw out my velvetines and replaced them with this . Honsetly this stuff makes lime crime look like rubbish. It is by far the best. I have about 8 or so of these shades and they are worth every penny , Vegan and Animal cruelty free and these are also cheaper than what lime crime was. I swear by these as the matte finish is my favoured look , these are super light weight and stunning in shades and Jeffree star keeps spoiling us with even more shades coming out, as well there is hints of a lip scrub and bullet lipsticks too.

I could go on and on about how much I adore these but I really do not wish to bore you all to tears so am moving on to where you can get this stuff in the UK.
Most of the brands here from their own websites ship world wide but customs might get you, also it will take like what feels like forever to get her. However! You can get some of these in the UK the ones I have spoken of can be found at CocktailCosmetics and or cutECOsmetics . Both places are fantastic with service and shipping.

I hope this post helps you all in some way, Do you know of any other Cruelty Free and or Vegan Make up brands? What do you use?

Tartan xox

*none of these companies or brands have sponsored any items for this post or my overall review of all the products and brands I have listed- this is all personal thoughts and opinion from myself*
All brands and companies claim to be Animal Cruelty free and Vegan unless stated other wise on their websites.