Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Exercise the Kawaii way

Hey there Kawaii Kittens and Cool Cats, How you all doing.

Today's post is all about being Kawaii and keeping fit . So I am gona show you some of my top kawaii findings or ways to stay Kawaii while you hit the gym or class. I know at this time of year no one, wants to really get out in these nights as as they are drawing in . And it puts you off wanting to leave the house and into the chilly air after work, school and a long day. But it is all for good health and well being . Right? Myself I am addicted to (almost daily) Yoga and already seeking out a new class of Pilates local to me. Also we wana look cute when we work out right.

Here are a few things, if you can look for alternative colours for your stuff , maybe it be hot pink or any other cute shade you like with yoga mats or weights. Maybe you can find an adorable water bottle or towel to take along with you. Why not pick a cute bag to take you stuff to bring along to for the gym!

And don't forget about what you wear! Ditch those dull leggings, joggy sweat pants and hunt high and love for those kawaii alternative styles, bring on bright shades and colours. Of course you will stand out a bit at those spinning classes or work out class but you will look super kawaii at the same time! Don't forget about your oversize jumpers and hoodies that come in all styles and colours, from cat ear hoodies to monster ones.

Of course you need to keep in with the health and safety rules with your equipment and wear but really you can have lots of fun with cute alternatives and styles and still rock out your Kawaii style at the gym! Be fit, be healthy stay Kawaii!