Monday, 16 November 2015

Kawaii Christmas Sanrio Mascots

 Hello there Kawaii Kittens. I guess its rather fitting to be doing this post as with it slowly turning into the month of all Christmas like stuff and it is spotted everywhere. As you know I often do Christmas Kawaii style , so when this parcel came in the post for me I was over the moon. Mixing Christmas and Kawaii is just the most amazing combo ever! All these items are from Cool_Nippon*. My all time loved and favourite seller on ebay. Get ready to feel all kawaii and Christmas like!

Here we have the well known Hello Kitty - the Kawaii queen herself. Dressed in her elsa snow like cape and instead of wearing a bow, she is wearing a shiny colour changing when the light hits it- snowflake.  She is adorable with her pink body and glittery shiny-ness all over. And she even has a faux fur like trim with her snow cape. 

It is like all the characters here have had some Frozen make overs!
Am so in love with these. There is 5 in this collection and you can get all 5 from Cool_Nippon.
My Melody, Cinnamon Roll. Purin and Gudetama come in the set. I have taken many photos of them so you can see the details of each one. I just can not get over the amount of cute-ness and Kawaii they each have.  I also have a video on my channel where you can see me get super excited about these cuties.

They are called Mame Puchi mascots, they are very like the style of Disney Tsum Tsums but its Sanrio's own. Sanrio have an original set of the characters and also a marine one, which I have blogged about in the past! They are just the cutest palm sized kawaii product ever!

 I love how sparkly and glittery they are, from the tiniest detail, I really will be using them with my Christmas decorations this year!
I have been using the seller at Cool_ Nippon for some time and I really like the service and you get the best customer care from the seller. From amazing products and Kawaii goodies there is some thing there of all you kawaii lovers. The shipping is super fast all the way from Japan and the seller is always happy to help, I also am happy with the prices too . The whole set comes to just under £25 and shipping is about £5.00 which I think is amazing.  You can also buy them separately. Everything comes wrapped up well and and each one came protected in its own bag too.

I always find myself drooling over the products in this ebay sellers store and if you want more eye candy of Kawaii goodies you can keep up to date with them on the instagram account they have under the name Toko Toko Japan. Link here!