Sunday, 29 November 2015

Lil Unique Me- Review

Hey Kawaii Kittens.
I really wanted to show off my amazing new phone case* from Lil Unique Me who do handmade stunning and luxury phone cases and other products that have been given a sparkly make over. 
When they asked if I would like to have a phone case made by them I was like OMG yes please!
So just the other day my new phone case came and my old one was ditched to the bin for this super kawaii sparkly phone case. I can not wait to use it and whip it out and hear what others think of this bad ass kawaii phone case.

''All of Lil Unique Me phone cases are made with the highest standards, using the very best in rhinestones, flatbacks and crystals. I can assure you that our cases will last! No expense in spared when making these phone cases ensuring every tiny gap has been filled. I use the best adhesive which I've worked with for years so I know it works (also is 100% non noxic and top secret) and once the case is dry I go over every rhinestone with a crystal clear resin ensuring that NOTHING will come off.''

Lil Unquie me also cover other products with pretty rhinestones and all the shiny things from the heel of your new shoes  as a custom request to compact mirrors. There is many styles to pick from such as bling colour themes to the kawaii styles suiting for each personal taste .  A great idea for some ones Christmas. 

I adore the design its very cute and Unique, I like the fact there is no harsh edges or any part that might cause something to catch or pull on the rhinestones.  I am loving the colour and cuteness of this. It has some weight to the case but nothing that will make it to heavy in your pocket , The case fits well and stays on very securely. There is so many little pieces to this . It must have taken this hours to be made!

You can check out my youtube channel where you can see me replacing my old phone case to my new kawaii one too so please check that out.

As well you can check out Lil Unique Me and all the links below.

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