Monday, 9 November 2015

The Rouge + The Wolf - Review

Ah it is about time that I got round to telling you all about one of my go to and loved alternative brands. If you are on instagram and follow me , you will see how obsessed I am with this company in the UK ,The Rouge + The Wolf. This brand is just amazing, not just the products but the fact the company are keen to make a effort with their customers.  So these guys sell alternative unique jewellery and have designs based on occult , witch craft , runes and many other symbolic inspired pieces.  They make the items in old steel, slate steel, matt gold  and my personal fave the black matt, polyamide.Which is 3D printed here in the UK!With a range of rings and midi ring  to chokers and necklaces in all styles there is something for every one. 

I feel in love with this company a good few months back and I have a few pieces in my collection .
I love the shipping method as its super fast and tracked. The items are pricey but I feel for something so unique its worth it. You could easily spend all your money in this online shop. The online shop is pretty easy to use as well. ( maybe too easy.) When your order comes , its in a well presented box and the items come in a tiny little The Rouge + The wolf bags. which are perfect for being re -used Our Barbie dolls and Disney princess dolls, my daughter plays with clearly have style. My only tiny moan is the sizes for the rings are in US sizing! Thankfully my Jewellery Training helps me out here or good old google. 

So good products, good customer service , postal service and amazing products , Can NOT go wrong with these company!
So my own collection is made of necklaces, the limited snap back cap and rings . Both normal rings and midi rings in black matt. I love the necklace Eclipse which totally reminds me of the Dark moon on the forehead of Dark Lady from Sailor moon .  I also have the  Rhea Choker which I wear almost daily.

The other beauty that I have been living in for the past few days is the limited edition Hat.Which is a simple hat with ''HEXE'' - said like Hex. It amused my inner pagan side and I just had to get it and I adore it so much, So simple yet bold in its own way. So many were loving the companies model wearing it that the company made some dreams come true and started to sell them- I hope the make more or beanie hats in the future.
I also have the following rings , The Hunt, The Corrupt , Lupus and Queen of hearts. The priestess in Midi Occult The Rune and Rhea are also in Midi rings. All of them I adore and love to wear often and love the black matt effect and finish.

So go and check them out here