Thursday, 31 December 2015

Doki Doki Box - Review

S'up, So I do have a new post for you all . Again its a Review. Am sorry if they bore you . However I hope this one will not bored you cause it really is a cute one.  So What I have today is a Doki Doki Box* to share with you. I was going to do a un boxing video on you tube but for the past 2 weeks I have been very unwell and I didn't want any of you to be a subject to watch such a thing. Cause gurl that is sure not kawaii , is it now? So with all that outta the way let's check out this Doki Doki box.

Doki Doki is a monthly subscription box by Japan Crate which is new on the Kawaii market, There is a fair few boxes that I have tried and subscribed to and this one looked a little more promising as with all the ones out so far have been very similar and the items are sometimes repeated over and over. Any way this one seem to bring more to the box. Doki Doki is Japanese for the sound of your heart , like a heart beat. I really liked the idea of the name. 

So when I got my box I noticed it was a little larger than other boxes but I fell in love with pink box and its designs all over it - clearly making it super kawaii looking. In side it also was cover with Kawaii Characters . Inside the box which is similar to the crate is all your items neatly packed and inside. Along with cute tissue paper and a small booklet which tells you all about your new kawaii goodies.

So what we have inside is a collection of cute items. Most of these a plushie items or soft toys, one being the Chibi Totoro which is utterly adorable and if get for any one who loves the film. I already have one of these but feels different to this one so I have passed this on to my little girl who LOVES the film and is such a fan.
The other soft toy is a Nya Kuma, aka a cute brown bear that looks a lot like rilakkuma, which is really soft and cute, it also has a bit on it to hang up or pin up. Its really sweet and cause its Cat related I like it even more.
The other soft items are the following Alpacassco coin purse, which is a small item that can hold lose change and has aplaca features in a cute pastel shade. My one is a pink one. I really don't understand the whole Alpaca thing in the UK. It seems to be a trendy Kawaii thing that's been around for a good while . I do think this item is cute and handy .

The other item that is soft and cute is the panda eye mask. Which has really goofy giggly eyes. So its a cute make you can wear at night to help you sleep and block out any distractions while trying to sleep. The other items are a Totoro Zipper pouch with a cute design and comes in a really nice size. This is a handy item for me as I use these a lot at home for everything and anything. And with it being a better size . It can be much more useful. The other Totoro item is a Desk Calender. Handy! I was needing one of these. What I love about this one is it has 2 formats one side is your month and the dates the other side you can fill out any important things in the table. It also is really sturdy too.

Also inside the box you will find a cosplaying Pikachu as Charizard as a necklace , not an item I would wear myself but again my daughter has claimed this as she is also a pikachu fan with some of the girls at school so she has given it the thumbs up.  The other item is a blind box which is a Hello Kitty one. As you know am such a fan of Miss Kitty White I was delighted to add something new to my collection . Its a mystery box that you can get 1 out of 5 designs, I was very happy with the one I got . It was like a street fashion style Kitty. And last but not least is the Henshin Awa Jelly DIY Kit which is a DIY pudding kit that has powder and when mixed ( with the helpful instruction in the booklet.) makes a Jello Dessert!

Over all I liked this box, I like that there was no keyring charms, I find most Kawaii style subscritipon boxes often have these and tbh I only have on set of keys so they are pretty useless to me. I liked the design and over all idea of the box and the fact the items were more useful and there was many items I liked. I like also that you got a fun DIY Kit instead of a small candy to bulk up the box.

If you wish to get your hands on the next up- coming Doki Doki box then please find the link here.
All other links can be found on my last post for Japan crate as well.

Tartan xox