Saturday, 12 December 2015

Dupes for Venus Palette Eye Shadows - my mission part one

As a self proclaimed Make up Junkie , I did find Lime crime.
I fell in love with the Grunge Venus eye shadow palette but the whole credit card theft, the scams , misprinted details on products and the drama. Also the shipping and cost of the products was putting me off. 
The Venus palette...I just bought it even though I feel guilty by handing over my money- good buy money!- at the time to get it  it cost so much to buy and ship over . Once in my hands I found myself falling deeply in love with the product. So I had this new eye shadow perfect for my skin tone the colours are warm and urgh loved it. I then took to hunting down dupes, Every one went mad for these colours and the company were always sold out so . I decided to use up the palette ( still am) and search for a new vegan  and or animal cruelty free dupes for it. However this was not the easiest task!

Find new companies that had the colours was no to bad thanks to the internet, find those who were vegan and or animal cruelty free on the other hand narrowed the list and then shipping , Since I was after 8 shadows and these companies where not the cheapest! Shipping and customs was my next hurdle! I took months to find something in the UK and then finally came across 2 places that had Dupes that I could that would not have the crazy shipping and ticked the rest of the boxes.So here are my findings for the Lime Crime Venus Grunge Palette.Shiro Cosmetics from Cute Cosmetics online  are the fist ones am going to talk about.

 So I found this information on line that some of the Shiro Cosmetics had a few colours that would work well , I got a few to test this out and I also been wanting to try Shiro's products which are both vegan and animal cruelty free. I ordered the following Unforgettable, I tried, Salt and stone, Champion Nymph and Sanguine Addiction as for the other 2 I forgot one was discounted and I bought 2 of one shade instead of getting Doge- whoops! So lets talk about these. ( photo spam coming up.)

So here is the 1st swatch Shiro is the one on the bottom. I found the colours to be so close in shade but the shiro was more of a shimmer finish than matt. If you know me well, I love matts. Next is the 2nd colour shiro I tried, with Aura (bottom) And this one was way more shimmer in finish and much more golden in colour

Next up is Shiro  salt and stone and Icon ( bottom.) As you can see salt and stone is shimmery but it had a blue shimmer all way through it I felt that this really didn't match as a dupe at all!  Never mind .
Rebirth and shiro's  Champoin , this is a great dupe for rebirth it had the matt effect and the colour is super close maybe slightly brighter ,I would say its the best dupe so far out of the shiro products.

Next is Divine and shiro's Nymph ( bottom) , I thought this was gone be the right colour until I swatched it.  It is a super light version of Divine and  you really have to build on it to get it to show up. so its just a lighter version but it is a matt and not shimmery in any way. I actually really liked it on its own as its not got to much of a cold tone as that was one of my worries when searching for dupes for this pallete cause they are all warm colours and this shade so far I found was a cold tone. 
Last but not least is Muse and Shiros sanguine addiction this was the colour I was looking forward to getting a dupe as I use it the most. And I was happy to find it was more a less the same , matt finish and very bright like Muse from LC. I would for sure say its a great dupe.

So tbh I was rather gutted to find these 'dupes' to end up being more shimmer based, I do take into the fact that it will be hard to find the best dupes ever. However I already said I wanted to try Shiro out and I have been enjoying the products , so far Nymph is one of my favourites,I like that they come in loose powder and in little pots. I think these will last me a while and I will use these as alternatives to the Venus palette as a shimmer base than matt. I might not used the salt and stone though its far to dark for me . I look awful in too dark eye shadows. ( like I done a round of Kawaii cage fighting or something, yes I avoid the smoky look for the same reasons!)

Stay tuned for my part 2 with Make Up Geek dupes for the Lime Crime Venus eye shadows.
Tell me what you think of these dupes?
Do you have any dupes for this palette?