Monday, 21 December 2015

Japan Crate Subscription Box

Hello Kawaii Kitten's . Today I have a review on the Japan Crate Subscription box*!
Nothing beats a box full of goodies in the mail for you every month. What I love about these Japanese snack boxes is that there is always something new and exciting to try and this subscription box has not failed in to deliver such products!
With Japan Crate you get a choice of 3 styles of Subscriptions to pick from Small , Original and Premium sizes. (if you are in the USA you also get the free 2- day shipping - see website for more details!) And today I will be review the Premium size and showing you all the kind of goodies that I got in the box.

So my box came this month ( December. ) I was pretty amazed with the size of the box and how heavy it was! First off I loved the presentation of the box, with the art inside the lid of the box and how everything matched . Red logo, Red gift paper ( which I re-used btw!) and Red box! Very neat and tidy and professional . 
Opening the box you get your booklet, full of fun facts about Japan and all about the items inside, it shows you what you get in all the boxes and the extras you get if you sign up for the biggest of subscriptions.  All the products are neat and packed into the box. I had no damaged items or anything spilled out. All great stuff.

Soo let's get on with the goodies!

As you can see the box is pretty much over flowing with snacks and other goodies.
Inside the Premium crate you will find 12-14 items which includes a drink, a guaranteed DIY kit of some kind and a bonus item.

Inside we have the following items, not 1 but 3 flavours of Umaibo sticks which are something I have not tried before , its like a giant rice flavoured stick ( think of a giant wotist!) by the way and its really nice! Bad Kid beer, its not real beer! Don't panic I don't drink myself  any way lol! No it is a product that you mix the powder in with water and it creates a soda drink ,again a product I have not tried or tasted before. So am gona have to try that some time. As well there is a other simalair product which you mix with water and it a Awa Moco Moco drink maker. Mine came in Banana - Yuck I can not stand Banana's but maybe for you all I will give it a shot and show you how devoted I am to you all haha! And there is also a big bag of Fujiya Lollipops .  These are the items you would of got in the Mini Crate.

If you got the Original Crate you would of got those items plus the Cute Tororin Parfait DIY kit, where you can make your own milkshake like pudding and pop it in the fridge for 5- 10mins and ta-da its done. I have never heard of these before?! So again some thing new to try. Pocky! There is Pocky, every one knows about Pocky this is a limited edition one and it says it goes great with a coffee. I will pick my herbal teas and eat the Pocky anyway! Next is Black Bean & Soy Sauce scones. These look a lot like crisps, I like Black beans and soy sauce so am gonna most likely like these and its a huge bag so I can pig out with these and watch a dvd. lol. As well you will find a Naga-I Sawagumi in flavour orange , its a sour tasting gumi candy like our Haribo sweets in the UK, its very long you could share it with friends or again be like me and eat it yourself and be greedy. 

Now if you got the Premium Crate you would of got all of the above and more!
The extra things you would get are the following items. Hia Shiuwa Cola in a big bag, a Cola flavored candy with 3 layers to it. Am not a fan of hard boiled sweets so this is a bit of a miss for me. but if you like this sorta thing you will love it.  Pachishuwa Dynamite Melon Soda. so its a odd shaped item but it is a shaped bottle with Melon soda in it which you can drink as it is or you can freeze it and have an ice experience with it - am guessing like it turns to a ice lolly. So this I gotta give a try! Also you will get the Celio Lifeguard Drink which is your soda drink, its like a energy drink and  has a lemon lime flavour. At finally the last time is the bonus item with is a very cute figure and there is 11 styles that you could end up with and they go along with the Zelda theme with the Crate. I got a really cute sword wielding Link!

Overall thoughts on the Crate.
I really liked the Crate for the big selection and variety of snacks and goodies, there is so many items I have not tried myself before or even heard of . I like the way the box has been done and how it is all tied together and matching, The snacks are yummy and fun if they are a DIY style kind. I love that you get a soda can and a bonus item which makes this a bit more of an interesting box to your regular boxes.
I also have my upcoming video on youtube for you all to check out my reaction to the unboxing of the Japan Crate box which you can find here. And if I have time over the winter brake I will do the DIY Candy kits and Soda drinks over on my Instagram which you can find here too.

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