Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Vegan Cuts Beauty box- Subscription Review

Ah its that time of month and surprise a cute little box has landed on my welcome matt, How exciting! Today I will be sharing with you a Vegan Beauty Box.  Available world wide for a monthly subscription you can get either the beauty box with I will be reviewing in this post or a Vegan yummy snack box. Now am not Vegan diet wise but I am well aware many of my readers are and many of you also want Vegan Products. Myself am a big animal lover so I personally pick Animal cruelty free products and if its vegan its a added bonus.
So if your wanting to sign up for either or box sign up here!

Each box contains the following: Free shipping to the US (great for my US fan's!) 4-7 products in the box. 100% cruelty-free,Mostly organic and natural. A mix of both full and sample size products. Cancelling can be done at any time.
The box I got was the month of November
It comes in a simple and letter box post-able size, very handy! It has your shipping address on one side and make up line art on the other, so your going to know who its from.
Every thing inside is cushion on shredder paper and my box had a nice scent to it , thanks to the products inside.

 Inside the November box is the following:

Nubian Heritage, A rich body lotion that has hemp seed oil, shea butter and neem oil for a deep moisturising for the skin. Value $3
I really like this item and will be for se it in this winter season, I found it has not much of a scent which is a little disappointing. However it has a lovely texture and is not to runny in liquid when you use this which I like very much! I also like how it melts into the skin and leave it super soft . Its a nice product.

Shea Radiance: This is a hair product , a Moisturising spritz spray, in a little bottle. Value $5.
This product is sprayed into towel dried hair and helps detangle and soften / smooth thristy dry hair. Now this is not a product for me . My own hair is thin, very thin and soft already so I used my daughter's lush long locks  instead. I loved the smell of this as did my daughter who was impressed with the smell. Lots of nice oils could be smelt and the smell lasted a few days. It did do a good job of de-tangles as I can not get to condition my daughters hair ( round two of tears and hair washing dramas.) So I was glad that I could use this little gem on her hair. I would say its a nice product and handy one to have.

Bohemian Beauty Co.: This is a pack of a blend of botanical's, Flowers and herbs. These are to be added to a steamy hot water steaming the face. Value $7.50
It a good sized product with yummy smelling herbal goodies in it . You add these to hot boiling water for steaming the skin, you know when you have the towel over your head and you inhale the deep relaxing smelling blend as it woks removing skin impurities and works its magic. I love the smells form this and can not wait to find time to use it .

Mineral Fusion: A fashion shade nail polish . Value $4   A cute  seasonal shade that is also chip- resistant and long lasting nail polish . ( NB This item was not in my box due to shipping policy's. However if you are within the US you will still get any nail polishes. It is because am in the UK .)

100% Pure eye-liner : Long lasting Rich pigmented Liquid Eye liner. Value $28 Crafted firm crushed tea leaves. This is my favoured item from the whole box, It is a large product for a eye liner to what am used to and the handle is far to long for my tiny hands, however that aside the product is really good. It lasts all day long , am sure if I forgot to remove it at night , it would also stay on till the next day. Its a tad tricky to get used to the long handle but! Once you master it - it is fab. I found its got a very good brush to apply the liner and you can make it work with it well to create the look you are after.

You also get a little card that gives you all the information about the products and links to where you can find the companies in the future! Handy!

Verdict: I really liked this box , it was a refreshing idea and as some one who makes a point for my own beauty products being cruelty- free when I can, it can be hard to discover new products, so this is a great way to introduce you to the newer and other brands and indie brands that are out there. I also got the most amazing customer service from Vegan cuts . I love it when a company are so helpful and give the best service . This can make or brake me to make a purchase . So top marks there!

The only thing is its based in the US so for me the Shipping would put me off slightly. However I really liked the products , especially the eye liner which I really needed a new one! Which was super handy in my case and the product was utterly amazing.

Find some more of the links to this really handy and cute box of goodies here.