Friday, 1 January 2016

Dupes for lime crime Venus palette- My mission part 2

Ah finally getting round to part 2 of my Lime Crime Dupe missions , in my part 1 we looked at Shiro cosmetics. This time we are looking at Make up Geek or MUG for short. So I heard of this brand which is from the USA but never tried them due to shipping costs . So when I caught wind of them coming to the uk on a web site called beauty bay , I was keen to get these dupe shades.

Well it was alot harder to get hold of the shades I wanted , as soon as they were listed they were snapped up really quick, I had to await two restocks to gets mos of the shades. So MUG are a animal testing free company ( said on the website.) and sell the shades in small round pots that will stick to a magnetic palette. Any how! lets check out the shades I got..

Above are the colours and where they would sit if in the LC palette. As you can see they are about the same size just a different shape. 
LC Venus-Burlesque
LC Shell- Peach smoothie ( or other dupes is Cinderella.)
LC Aura- Vanilla Bean
LC Creation - Coca bear 
LC Icon- Mocha
LC Rebirth - Mango Tango ( or other dupe Creme Buriec)
LC Divine- Cupcake ( or other dupe is Purely naked_
LC Muse- Bitten

Head's up for some swatches and photo spams.

As you can see in the 1st swatch the colours are not quite the same there is more of a darker tone in the MUG shade and seems a tad browner however I quite liked it and think if worn lightly it would be a close enough shade. The next shade well I think they look the same both MUG and LC but with a peachy hint of tone to the MUG

The Aura shade dupe in MUG is much more whiter than the LC , which has more of a golden hint to it and the Creation shade in LC is much more red toned than the shade by MG which has more brown to the shade.

LC Icon and the MUG dupe are pretty much the same and moving on to shade Rebirth it I found it was more lighter in  LC  shade , where the MUG was much darker.

Divine I used Cupcake in the MUG which has a more pinky tone to the LC shade. And finally for Muse I used Bitten which was not quite matching.

Even though these are not as exact in shades I found that I favoured  MUG shades as they give off nicer shades and were not all completely red tones. I think these are pretty close in colours and would work well. I also got hold of MUG Marocco which looks like a mix of a brighter rebirth LC shade. I will be trying the other dupes that were suggested to me as well as other shades from MUG.
As the Palette I got has plenty room for many more shades that are based around red tones and shades I would like to try.

Over all its been so hard trying to get some thing extact but am so happy with the shades I got as dupes and can mix and match them. Will I be still using up the LC Palette? Yes! And now I have my back up of dupes. I hope you find my part 2 of my mission some kind of helpful, here on my blog.

Tartan xox