Tuesday, 19 January 2016

It's that time of the month

Oh! hush hush now, lets not talk about that thing all us females get every month. No one wants to ready of such things, gotta keep that to your self.The time of the month. Mother natures way of the female body, saying 'Hey gurl ,congratulations your not pregnant.'' It happens to us all and such topics are not up for discussing publicly.

How ever I did want to share my newest finding of Reusable Sanitary towels/ pads. OMG! WHAT?! How gross!!- I hear you scream. Keep your knickers on girls and at the very least give this a read...

The other day I came across such an article, about these reusable towels.  Yes my first thoughts were omg that is gross !!! But it changed as I kept reading ( maybe my inner hippy took over here.) It was in fact not gross . More inspiring than anything.

 The idea is simple just like a pad that absorbs the flow but these can be used time and time again. Think of the money you could save. The review of a some what septic female came back with very positive feedback.  So I went ahead and order myself some.
Crazy , I know. But I sat and had a think, every month we get a visit from Aunt flow. We have to stock up and spend a ton of money on pads and tampons, (Granny pants too.) To be thrown away. And  it become waste and that gets the ball rolling to the not good for the environment topics. As well when it comes to the make up of the female body there is that risk of using products that could do us more harm than good.

Now I admit am not Green all the way here ( I do recycle like everything possible to cut down waste.) but the thought of me knowing that am doing something that can help the world even if its a very tiny difference ( and hopefully passing it on to inspire others.) Its worth a try.Right?! Also the idea of saving money to spend on other things sounded very appealing to me.

So after more looking into the subject .I took to the web site  called Earth Wise Girls and took a look about. I was rather tickled with the idea from the reviews and loved the look of the fun colourful designs for the towels and pads, so with taking up the offer of the free shipping I got myself a few towels to start me off.

Know I dread my time of month. Am grumpy as hell. Snappy and could demolish a chocolate making factories stock. Then I feel sorry for myself- Cramps, feeling sick and just wanting to curl up into a ball and sleep. Sound about right? But I was gona put all those negative thoughts aside and  once I new my order had been dispatched I was maybe a bit to excited about my new pads with  Rainbows and Unicorns that sparkle...Need I say any more?!

With those designs and knowing that your are wearing these would make you giggle and smile to yourself and maybe make Aunt Flows visit that little be more bearable  even just for a moment while taking a trip to the ladies room lol.

My time with my re useable monthly products...
Well that time has been and gone so I thought I would share in the least graphical way possible. How I got on with my new pads. Well to be honest it was pretty scary at first, I mean am used to pads but these are so different in there own little way. I did get a shock while being on and by the time of needing a change, however after that little shock to the system. As some of my pads are white . I found that it was comfortable to wear, they absorbed my flow and there was no nasty smell - yes I find normal pads smell like plastic and chemical like. They are gentle on the skin and easy to change.I also made sure to wear tighter undies to keep them in place - as suggested online it helps keep the pads in place. I found that even though I was on my flow , I felt more cleaner and fresh.

I pre soaked mine before washing to help with the stains- okay mine did stain so if that not your thing I would suggest going for red or dark pads. However at the end of the day you fold em up and only you see them when you sit down on your royal throne. No one else. I used them at night and what would often be the case of tossing and turning . I ending up sleeping well. I washed mine in the machine and proudly let them dry on the wash horse. Honestly its just like using re-useable nappies.

 Depending on you flow you need to work out how many your going to need of these. I have 5 ( 3 reg 2 small.) And cause am mainly working from or near home. I can wash them as soon as am done. Or let them soak till you have a good few to wash. I would say, I am converted to these. I love that am not harming the environment by filling land fill of disposable pads and not feeling like I have wasted money every month too.  I will be buying more . For sure! Yes they cost the amount you would on a big pack of disposables but its a one off payment, No need to buy more once you have the right amount for your flow. Mind you it would be nice to have a good size collection for myself cause some of those designs are way too cute . However I think the only time I would not use them would be if I was on holiday or something like that for the fact cleaning them might be something that would be an issue with out having access ect .

Now I can sat I am very much a happy eco bunny when it comes to that time of month! Would you be game for trying the swap to reuse-able monthly pads and product ? Let me know in the comments what you think!

Update - one other reason for my swap is the discovery of many company's who make disposable sanitary products  also are known for testing on animals.

Tartan xox