Monday, 18 January 2016

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs haul review - Vegan and Cruelty free

Hello you cute Kittens. I hope you are all doing well.
Am so excited to be doing this post and sharing it with you all. Lunatick Comestic Labs is a brand I discovered this year and it was a rocky start with the some what loose eye shadows palette but we have become best of friends now with me being able to get used to it. That aside. When I saw there was a new contour pallete coming out by them I was so excited. I needed it. I only have just got into the whole contour thing. Yes am late to the party , I know.  But when I saw this, I feel in love,.I already had my eyes on the new lipsticks they had made a while back so once I pulled all my saved up money together I went ahead and got a haul of items to share with you all.

''LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs products formulated with loving care. All cosmetics are 100% Vegan, Talc Free & Cruelty Free. ''- LunatiCK Comestic Labs Website.

So what did I order?! Well Of course, I ordered from my lovely suppliers Cute Comestics a online stockist in the UK.I just want to also point out this is not a sponsored review or were these items sponsored by the supplier or stockist. All outta my hard saved monies.

In the end I went for the face contour palette , the high definition finish press powder, 2 lipsticks in the black bullet style ( Calabaza and Cinderhella.). 
So lets check out this bad boy face book palette. So this cost me the most ever amount of money for make up. Normally I would never spend so much but when I saw this I knew I had to get it.
This is your all in one, warm tones, blusher tones and cooler tones in one big palette. With your Highlighters and Contours. I love the size of these and the fact there is so much colour in each pot full of pigment an power. I would have to say this is my all time palette as not only is it for face make up but you can use these colours for the eyes as well. Also this palette comes with a really large size mirror and the pots are re-moveable and the base is magnetic so the little pots will not come loose or fall out. All the colours are easy to use and very bendable and I have enjoyed using this to experiment with shades and different looks . I am so in love with this product that I can justify the amount I spent on it. Just love it!

Moving on to the next items are the lipsticks.Each one is in a actual bullet shaped lipstick , there is 5 shades but I went for the 2 I think I would use the most, Cinderhella is a purple like shade which is very nice I thought I would really like it but after a few wares I found it was not quite the shade I wished it to be. However it makes a great shade to use when I cosplay Elsa from Frozen, as it has that hint of a cool tone under it. So moving on to the next lippy is Calabaza. Now am not the worlds biggest fan when it comes to bullet lipsticks I favour liquid ones much more. But this is amazing , this is my go to lipstick when I can not be doing with the liquid matts or am short on time. Its a roasted pumpkin shade and it aswell as the others am sure glided on with ease and you can build it up or keep it light. I found it lasted 3-4hours but needed topped up to keep the shade strong. I loved how creamy and light it is and how soft it was on! It also never dried my lips out in anyway .Just gutted the other ones colour did not live up to what I wanted, However that aside if you like that shade I would highly suggest you try it and the other lippys . Calabaza is my favourite lipstick shade ever!

This press powder I just bought with the money I saved up as I found my other one I was using was done by a company who do test on animals . So of course I wanted to change to one that do not test on animals. So this is a press powder that is very light and comes in this amazing shaped ouiji pointer packaging that swirls to open with a mirror on the outside. I was very happy to finally have a cruelty free press powder added to my collection.

I am currently still working my way through all my make up and replacing it with new cruelty free products so please do keep a eye out on my blog and youtube for all my updates on my make up.
What do you think of these wonderful products - let me know in the comments below!