Friday, 29 January 2016

My Kawaii Squishy Haul

Hey every one , this is my new post of kawaii-ness for you all.
Today we have a post about my newest Squishies Haul of cute-ness. Squishies charms are like these cute kawaii style stress balls that you can squeeze and squash . You can attached them to your phones, bags and keys with the chains that they come on. So check out the cutest ones I got from Modes4U where you can buy your very own Kawaii Squishies! Cool right?

So lets have a look at these adorable items!

As you can see there is a few here along side the business card from Modes4U and a free cute deco tape as well.

 Frist up is this cute icecream cone charm that's a lovely good size bigger than your normal style charms for your keys so it makes a fair statement of kawaii accessories, This one is a Hello Kitty Squishie charm - where Kitty is peering over the cone and it looks like her head is an ice cream! Cute or what?! This one is a phone charm strap that you can remove with the clasp to change it over if you wish.

Next up is a full size figure style of Hello Kitty standing up and she is dressed in the most wild and cute looking leopard print outfit and like the other squishie she is soft to squeeze. This one is on a gold ball and chain. 

The other charm is a super cute cake shape one, with whipped cream and a strawberry on the top . Again a big sized charm and this one is also  a pink ball chain to add to your bag or what ever you wish to attach it too. I really like the pink colours in this and how sweet it looks- maybe good enough to eat. * this is not food  item-please do not eat!*

And last but not least, is this other yummy looking style cake with even more detail on it . This one is from above just like looking at Hello Kitty, with the bow and kitty shape to it. With added sprinkles and full of cream in between the layers this sure is adorable and very yummy looking too! This charm also has the good size to it as well as the pink ball and chain to attach it to what ever you wish to attach it too.

Which one do you like the best?Tell me in the comments.
 I love the Kitty Ice cream and the Cakes, oh but I really love them all!
Check my youtube channel for my video of these - HERE.