Sunday, 31 January 2016

Tokyo Treats- Un boxing Review*

Its always awesome getting a box in the post- this one comes with lots of goodies inside.  This is the Tokyo Treats subscription box , All the way from Japan your box is sent you you with the choice of 3 boxes. Small ,regular and the premium box . So you can pick which box you want and then sign up for it to be a monthly treat to come through your door and then you get lots of Japanese yummy candy and snacks to munch on.
Its that very easy to sign up and you get free world wide shipping too. You can sign up here! 

So lets check out the packaging and the presentation of the box, well the box is a bright colour of orange and I got the biggest box out of all the options the premium one. Once open the box has lots of design and is a big size that is neatly and packed tight with lots of goodies. As stated on the website 13-17 pieces that should inc a drink and one DIY kit inside. So lets check it out!

The box is a big size and full of treats and snacks. The items are as follows.
One pokemon wafer which was super yummy and you get a cute character picture inside and the other wafer item filled with areo style chocolate was the Fuku Fuku Tai Chocolate fish. I loved that - love chocolate stuff yum!

Also there is a Pokemon Ramune pack of 5 with 5 flavours to pick from . I love the cute pikachu packaging on it as well- adorable! As well as that there was the pokemon chewing gum that was a pineapple flavour- not a item I like much but still looked really cute and there was the pokemon sticker matching chewing gum with was cola and had fun puzzles inside. 

Inside is also full size corn snacks such as the Yokai Watch Character soft - serve ice cream which is super sweet corn and very sugary the other was the Tyrant Habanero rings that are pepper hot flavoured corn snacks that are hot hot! As well is a cardboard package of Yokai- watvh fortune seal in the namaste curry - which was pretty odd to try but pleasant to eat. There was also 2 DIY candy sets one was the Neru Neru Nerune soda flavour set making your own fluffy candy and the other making candy from the art molds and you even get to pain them with the Oekaki Kyanland set. 

The last products were the Coconut Pocky- enough said. Chocolate ball peanut snacks which is a miss for me as I can not stant peanuts-yuck! And there was the soda drink of Sweet Sake non- alcoholic btw! That was some experience for me to try - I pull some fantastic faces and reactions as I did not like it one bit haha but was sure fun trying it ! The final item was a final pokemon figure which came in 12 random types and looked pretty cool!

If you liked my review on this monthly subscription box here on my blog then check out my video on YouTube where you can see me trying the products and see my reaction to them all.