Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Yoga and Meditation Kawaii style

Can you believe its 2016? Weird right. Wow!
So todays post is a personal lifestyle one , I guess. Am gonna blog about my love for 2 things . Yoga and Meditation. Last year I took on the goal of learning some thing new . That's the Yoga. I took up a weekly class and hopped onto good old you tube and did a 30 day challenge of yoga every day . I fell in love. I was a bit of a sceptic in how exercise and poses are to relax you. I mean some of them poses looked so complex - No way could I ever do them! Ha-

I walked into the 1st Class, dull as can be ,joggy pants and a tank top with a tokidoki hoodie. I was so nervous! Am a hermit, I like my comfort zone. But I pushed myself to be in the class, paid up front. I was not gona waste the money. By the end of the class I noticed the following. No ones looking at you , no one really chats ( more so if you do not know folks in the class or feel non part of the local area cause you are from a other city.) Every one and I mean every one, looks at the teacher and some one needs to call in the fashion police with the amount of dull looking yoga pants .I was pleasantly surprised that the class was a mix of males and females.  However ,I was for sure one of the youngest by far. After the class I went home. I guess I felt pretty chilled out. When I went to bed well lets say I slept like the dead. As time went on I soon found I was pretty flexible ,more than I thought I was. lol. I also started to add a bit more Kawaii style to my yoga wear. I mean some one had to keep up the fashion side of things . I soon found I enjoyed the class and doing it at home. I discovered I was no longer getting pulled muscles or sore necks. I felt better and it helped me find some calm. I officially adore Yoga and been converted to a Yogi!

While I was doing the yoga I took up an old interest of mine. Meditation. Last year presented many difficult and stressful moments for me and my little family. I knew deep down I had to take on a somewhat calmer attitude and outlook. Maintain my inner calm. So along side the Yoga I took to doing guided meditations at home. Re learnt how to breathe fully and push away a lot of worries I did not need. I forgot how much I enjoyed Meditation so much so that I signed myself up to teach others the joys of relaxing and inner peace. I will be doing a teacher course this year and hope to run classes locally come early spring time. I also plan to bring my inner mindfulness to a you tube account to reach out further and teach others. Well its in the thinking process for the time being. Would that be something my readers here and who follow me like to watch?

With all of these things in mind it is very possible to still be Kawaii and look cute while doing both Yoga and Meditation, may it be by dressing alternatively in bright colours and pretty pastels . You can also upgrade your tools for yoga and swap it for a much more cuter style, or even your water bottle could be as Kawaii as possible. Maybe you want to make a small place that you can go to for your practice and turn it into a super Kawaii place - just for you.

Funny now, that if I miss a day of yoga or skip a time for doing some Meditation I feel guilty, however if I can't find the time I always try other ways to relax such as my fave herbal tea and a moment to myself. What do you like to do to reach a calm and mindful state, let me know in the comments below.
Tartan xox