Wednesday, 17 February 2016

My Animal Cruelty free Make up list

So this  post here is my findings on companies who are Animal Cruelty free and / or have Vegan products on sale too. Many are swapping to products and companies who are against Animal testing.
Since last year I also decided to swap my make up to cruelty free as well as my house hold products which is still a on going progress. Being a person who respects and adores animals the thought of some sweet creature being tested on for luxury or high street branded make up just to be smeared on my face for me, just to enhance my features at the cost of such torture .I will be honest it boils my blood and the process is totally not Kawaii! 

I can understand the need for it for health and safety however in this day and age already there is many, many products already proven safe to use already ,so there is really no need to re-test over and over again?  I can understand for medical reasons that tests need to be done and such .Even though I personally reach for herbal alternatives myself before going to the doctors. As this could save some ones life at the end of the day. But for make up. I feel its not quite right to put an animal through so much treatment just for a pretty lip gloss... This is all my personal thoughts and if you don't agree then I suggest you stop reading now and move on with your day.

So I decided to make this list for those looking for both low budget and easy to obtain to high end brands. So lets look at some high street low costing budget brands that are easy to obtain. But remember that  cruelty-free certification is done on a voluntary basis, not all cruelty-free companies are certified. So it is worth doing your own research

Here is my list which I will be updating over time and keeping it all up to date so this is dated for this year (2016.)  I have listed brands who don't test them selves but are owned by a parent company. Most have on their claims stated on their websites. Most of these brands are ones I have used or have heard of.

Animal cruelty free Make up list - in no kind of order

Barry M
Eco Tools -  Make up brushes 
Make up Revolution
Lunatick Cosmetic labs 

Sugar Pill ( most are vegan but not all.)

Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 
Too Faced.
Medusa Make up (inc brushes )
Neve Cosmetics (inc brushes.) 
Shiro Cosmetics 
Aromi beauty cosmetics
Everyday minerals

Superdrugs B. Range
Balm Balm

Bare Minerals  - owned by Shiseido

The Body Shop - owned by L'Oreal
Burt's Bees- owned by The Clorox Company
Concrete Minerals
Crystal Body Deaodrant (personal care)
Dr Organic
Faith in Nature (bath and body, shampoo)

Urban Decay - owned by L'Oreal

NYX Cosmetics- owned by L'Oreal
Nars Cosmetics  - owned by Shiseido
PIXI Beauty
Manic Panic
Sugar Strip Ease (personal care)
Too Faced
Kat Von D
Crazy Rumours
Beauty Blender

For all whom are like me taking the swap and change for Animal tested free make up I hope this helps you all in some way. Talking of swaps check out my last post about swapping your monthly flow pads to re-use-able ones as most of your disposable ones are tested on animals too!

Tartan xox