Monday, 29 February 2016

Tartan Kawaii on Grunge

Okay so as much as I love my Kawaii fashions and all. At heart am a lover of that grunge look.
When am not dressed up in my Kawaii style .I am in Grunge mode. Unless is a really lazy day and I throw on a hoodie and refuse to pull down my hood for the outside world and hide until I feel I am human enough to return. Aye. So. Let's talk Grunge fashion and the things I really like. Well 1st off Grunge blends into Hipster style a bit with other styles ( emo. scene, gothic blah blah and so on.) Which is pretty handy if you want to explore styles too. But I love the lazy-chilled look it gives off. When am not being Tartan and all Kawaii . I love to be pretty chilled out.

Grunge is about layers.
I love layers, cause am so bloody cold all the time and that is not cute. Also living in Scotland its well. always cold. Spring hurry up already , gurl you taken way to long. So we are talking vest tops or tees under  open shirts. Leggings under skirts, dresses and long tops. Beanie hats and fingerless gloves. Oh and don't forget your outer coat too .Not only are these keeping you warm your channelling your inner fashion of grunge with ease.

Fennel style oversize shirts are a big yes in this style and I love them , Lazy and easy to throw on and wear . Easy to layer up as I have already said and yes I like the ones that are super soft and cosy! Also these come in fashion every year - more a less around Autumn time. You can button them up or leave them open showing off your under layers too.

Shoes. When it comes to shoes and grunge is Doc Martins . Well I have boots that have furry fleece in them and they over lap and look good with leggings or jeans or dresses. I love how is causal and flat. comfort. Can you tell I do like my comforts. Not only are they cool looking they are handy for all those miles I walk most days back and forth for the School run and for hiking through the country lanes and muddy fields - maybe I should invest in some Docs?

Colours. Tone it down. I am so bland in colours when the leaves fall from the trees right up to well summer, if we get summer that is. The weather effects my vibes, most likely cause am very hippy like and in tune with nature. You will not find neon shades when it comes to your grunge palette. I love black as much as I love pink and I do favour warm muted shades . Grey, dull reds and khaki greens are also found in this fashion . I quite enjoy the red for a alternative shade if am not feeling it for darker shades.Pastels with grunge is also a lot of fun and adding pastels can add more colour to the fashion if you are not feeling up to being kitted out in dark shades. Nice to brake the colours up.

Accessories- Studs, Sunnies and occult like jewellery. Rip up and shred jeans , boots and tatty up some leather jackets for extra fashion quirky-ness. I actually just wear what I regularly wear for this stuff which is made up of my silver rings, tiny hoop earring and my sexy looking (lol) Fit bit. Cause I wear these every day. When its sunny I wear any shades at hand, but cause its cold still I wear my Kill star pom pom hat and my mom  style winter jacket- not so trendy there.. but hey its that or freezing waiting on the school bell. okay?!

Make up-  I really dig the make up that lazy burnt warm eye shades of shadow , gray or brown looking lips and 90's big brows which I dont do cause am liking the brows I have atm. But am really enjoying these warm red base tones and matt shades which work well for me. Thanks to my olive skin tone . However I kinda stick to what I normally do with make up and since am to busy in the morning I skip my false lashes and sometimes eyeliner- depends how much time I have for my wings to be on point. So my make up ends up looking a bit more grunge themed than I planned lol.

Hair- Well this is what I love is these newer hair styles, punky long and pastels can be found and  this is easy for me cause all I do is reach for my nearest wig that I wish to wear but also it fits in well with my natural hair as its like a pixie crop cute cut with shaved bits. Sounds like a awful way to describe my hair lol. But yeah long untidy kept looking wavy hair with a snap back cap or flowers in their hair looks amazing and something you can do with wigs. Loving the ombre styles and pastels.

Over all what I enjoy about this fashion is the toned down look and its great for me who is rushing about most days, I like how it can blend with other styles and how casual it looks. Its quick and easy to put together and cause it fits in so well for me. Of course I like to add some kawaii aspects as much as I can. But of course.

Tartan xox