Monday, 15 February 2016

The con's of having a Kawaii Blog

Running a blog , being a blogger.
Sounds wonderful and fancy. Sponsorships and free things. Working from home and earning a bit of money on the side...yeah.
Oh wait we are talking about my blog right?  Back up , Back up to the part of being a blogger bit , that is true. As for the rest...not so much.

I admit , I like being a blogger, it was to keep me outta trouble, it avoided me being bored cut down on spending money- Okay that last part didn't ring true it has done the complete opposite instead.
It has been around 4 years now I have had this blog. We have been through a lot together. Hauls, Reviews and the odd Convention post here and there. Its gone through many styles but always keeping in with the Kawaii theme. However its been hard work and it still is hard work. Every day folk are making new tumblr blogs or blogspot even wordpress blogs and its the same for Kawaii blogs, making it harder to reach out or stand out to get followers and support from readers.

When I started out it was fun and chilled . Filling my blog up with cheesy animated emotions and cute faces. I soon found out how much time it took up finding and saving the damm things. Eventually I dropped it and left them in the past.( where they belong in my slight phase of weeby-ness.) I took on many styles from the colourful harajuku to the very pink doughnuts themes on the blog.

Soon my blog got a bit addictive, I even gave up on things I really needed, just to have content to post on my blog to attract numbers. After a while, getting numbers and visitors or followers was the aim.It was silly if am honest, numbers were all that mattered at one point. Am so glad I took a back seat on that and now - I don't give a crap if some one follows me or not. But if I find you out that you didn't follow me or did unfollow me. I will track you down and unfollow you also..joke .

 I found having my kawaii blog meant, I was always looking for Kawaii things- always, like ALL THE TIME. The first year or so was all new and stuff Kawaii was still pretty niche. Over the years it sure has grown, more know about Kawaii or Cute Culture thanks to Anime, the Internet and Japanese Video Games...blah blah blahh.So now there is many more newer ,Kawaii Blogs. 

At one point my kawaii blog did suffer a bit when I teamed up with some folks, who would let me review a few bits and bobs for them - I still had to pay for those things but I got a small discount. I thought it was going to benefit me and my blog in more than one way but it didn't. I was working for nothing much in return. It was not until I parted ways and found the freedom to explore other paths and ideas for my blog. 

Am not saying that having some kind of sponsorship or support was bad or anything but I did feel tied and my blog was limited to that one area. Of course after a while my blog grew after parting ways and its looks changed ,as well as my own fashion and style. Some followers left me but I also gained many in return. I found out very quickly that solely being Kawaii or solely in one fashion was not enough for me any more for me or my blog. I knew I never suited the whole lolita J-fashion , so that was something out the window too for my blog .I had a interests in it the past. But really I could not be a lolita in more ways than one so of course and was looking for more styles that I could wear with ease and comfort for my full time job as a mother. I also could not solely talk about one topic, such as Hello Kitty because the upkeep of getting all the newest items was hard work, plus money money money! So I found that didn't work well for me either

Of course it took me a while to get my style right and my personal topics,  Hence why my blog got a new ''alternative kawaii'' look. Cause am not your normal kinda mother either lol.

Pure Kawaii is slowly dying out for me, why? Cause nothing has changed much. Items look the same, Products are the same but in a different shade, nothing new has trended in a while and when the trend comes over here.. it is milked to the point you being to hate the trend - doing everything in your power to avoid it. Now you see so many watered down ''Kawaii'' items that are to easy to get and has killed the joy in hunting for them. It kinda ruined it for me. That aside. I am glad I have moved into a more comfortable style and lifestyle and both me and my blog now match well.

The biggest thing for me and still is today is getting those sponsorships from companies. I am a very loyal person and when I do get offered some kind of collaboration or sponsorship - I deliver. However many a times I have sent out 15-20 emails to companies and asking them if they would like to work with me. I am lucky to even get like 2 reply's back. Every other post when showing items is done out of the very little money I have. To have some one to sponsor me would be amazing , or some kind of support but one can but dream . Am sure, on a side note that the rest of those email's are now in some email trash folder somewhere. LOL
The biggest hurdle I have is often money, I may have some kind of persona of some one who has the luxary at being a stay at home mother but am dammed if I do or don't. Sorry to brake it all to you but am not that rich Kawaii bitch you all think I am - Hi there, haters.

I have been on the other side, I have seen how companies look at the emails you send asking for samples/sponsorship/items to review... ect. I will give you some advise though , cause am nice that way..RESEARCH that company , nothing more embarrassing than you sending out a dull automatic email asking to review products form a company that is not suitable for your Cat Blog.Am Just sayin. Think about it okay! But on the other hand it is super hard for a new blogger to be seen and heard, I know my blog is kinda old but damm give this gurl a chance!* wink*

So yeah iuno this might be me ranting away and moaning cause woe is me and all but I am being honest, my blog can be a struggle and its so hard to be noticed or accepted these days. I sometimes wish I started this blog much earlier but then again am glad I have my blog, even if its old and barely 'making it'. Its my blog and I like it and like to blog so that's all that matters.