Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Conventions so far this year.

So this year, its my year of conventions this year. Starting off with a Edinburgh based one called Capital Sci Fi Con. Which you guessed it was mainly about all things Geeky and Sci Fi. For this Con I made up a (Fem) Darth Vader Causal Cosplay. Which was really weird for me cause I had not idea how I would act or be like as Vader . I mean am a huge fan of Lord Vader but yeah am more your magical hero girl than anything like that . So that was really weird for me. However I did get to meet up with tons of fellow cos players whom I have not seen in ages and hang out with my deco girly pal too. It was also super nice meeting new folks at the Con as well as hanging out with those I already have mingled and chilled with before. 

That is what I love about Con's the mingling and hanging out! I got a good few photos taken by some of my fellow photographer peeps. Which is  fun cause I love checking out photos they have snapped up at the events of the other cosplayers. However I only filmed at Sci- Fi con which you can find on my YouTube channel and below! The lighting was pretty bad in some places so - am sorry about that.

Photo Credit PhotoGoku 2016
I really enjoyed the event - which was also a event where the money was used to raise for local Charity and had a good turn out, I look forward in hope they do a other one. With it being on my door step . Its good to support local Con's . Also here is a link to fellow Con goer's and Cos player 's who was kind enough to get me in their videos!

Next up was Rai Con, in Glasgow which was more of your Anime/ Manga style Convention. A big difference to the Sci Fi one! This was also its 1st time running like the other but was related to GCC's events which are often held around July time. Any way this time I was Cos playing in full outfit of Sailor moon! But of course I had to do a Sailor moon Cos play. I  had too!! The only gripe about this was the travel and this time I was a billy nea mates for company at the event . Lucky for me I spotted a Elsa at the station platform and we chummed together on the train. This is a other reason why I love Conventions , It brings folks together cause of interests we might not know others have. Now am a huge disney fan too so spotting Elsa was easy and as did Elsa spotted me as Sailor Moon. Yes every one on the platform was eye balling us.  After getting to Glasgow and the event, Helping Elsa with her hand made cosplay I pretty much wondered around. The turn out was huge. So many in cosplay and so many folks! The line was still a fair size by the time we got to it and maybe took us 15mins tops for getting in.

Photo Credit Henry Woo

I say I was wondering around , it was more hunting down others I planned to meet up with or hang out with. I love chatting to folks at conventions. Meeting up with most of those who I saw at Sci Fi Con. What I found was the heat of so many folks being there got to me. I had to sit down and take a cool drink of some bubble tea and gather myself together. I did consider heading home but I barely had been about and felt it was such a waste if I did that. However my sparkle came back after a young Sailor moon fan came up to me asking for my photo and expressing her passion for Sailor moon which made me so happy. So of course I was up for acting out my cosplay. At one point I could barely make it across the room form being asked for photos or posing for selfies. I was so overwhelmed and starry eyed with it. I honestly was shocked as I felt my cosplay skills are noob level compared to others. However I also came across a few Tartan Kawaii fan's...I had no idea folks there was such a thing ! I loved speaking with each and every one of you! And thank you so much for supporting me by reading my blog and watching my You Tube Videos! You little Kawaii Kittens rock!

Wow- I have to admit I was so tired by the end of the day! I was also so glad to get my cosplay off and that wig too! Roll about on the floor and get into my comfortable PJ's. I am so hyped for my next and up coming convention

Check me out in this video!