Sunday, 17 April 2016

Fake. Wait, what?

Am fake...Newsflash . Okay ,where am I going with this?
Let's all talk about fake and fake-ness. 

So am sure by know all know that my hairs not real, my lashes are false and I wear a fair amount of make up up. So do that make me fake?!
Why all the fake stuff? I do it all when I want, I mean . It is not like I wear fake lashes every day but when am doing a shoot or that I like to make my eyes look bigger . I wear a ton of wigs again when ever I feel like wearing one. So what. Yea its pretty misleading ... But guess what hunni, I really don't care. 

I love inspiration for hair, make up and trends. I am a creative person! I love slapping on make up, it is one of the things I do that, believe it or not puts me in a relaxed mood. As I find it very calming and therapeutic. I spend a lot on my make up and make sure to keep as animal cruelty free as possible. I also love looks that are done by Jeffree Star, Skrinkle , Rose shock and Biohazardous Beauty.  But by wearing make up do that make me a fake. Nah not at all. I find it as a creative outlet for myself to express myself with colours and enhancing the features I have. Such as making eye make up pop with big fake lashes. Make up is not fake it is a lot of fun. I love it . I don't hide behind make up either, I do have days where I do not wear any make up or very little make up. To me wearing make up is not fake, it only makes you feel more confident and enhancing the inner beauty and features you already have. 

Lets move on to the wigs, so yeah I get a fair amount of sly or mean comments about me wearing wigs in my videos and photos . But hey if you don't like looking at me or like watching my videos- its cool. Just don't watch them lol. 

Yes, the wigs can be misleading but so what , just like make up I like to switch it up a little, like I do not have such a privilege to dye my hair or do much with my own hair as its thin and weak from years of abuse working as a colourist/ stylist. That's what happens ,when you over dye and fu*k up your hair kids! So I use wigs to have some fun. I wish I had crazy shades and wild hair cuts, but my real hair cant handle that. So am not being fake. I am just finding a other way to play with my hair and express myself.Also Wigs are super fun you can chop and change them, when every you want too. So I do not really see it as being fake. So yeah most totally get this and are cool with it, if your not then why are you reading my

Okay let us hit on to a other topic. Photos. So I take tons of photos on instagram as well as doing photos in the studio for the wigs I model for CutesyKink. Now personally am not a big fan of editing ones self to the point they are no longer, what they really look like. To me that is fake. But is lighting and touching up ones imperfections considered fake? I don't think its fake like super fake. Nothing wrong with blurring out a pesky spot , or lighting up under your eyes. More so If you have not slept in like days haha! Every one wants to look good for their facebook profile , right?! LOL.
As for instagram - well every one uses those filters that it has. Or there is Line App which has more features! But on the other hand there is features that make your eyes big or slim your nose. To me those are for a bit of silly-ness or if used to the max- I would say that is fake. But that is my personal thoughts. However if that is what you want to do then sure, go ahead.

Do doing all these things make me or any one else a fake person? I would say no cause it is not like I am trying to pass myself off as a real person with the perfect pink hair or flawless skin in every photo or while am on camera. I think its fine to be creative and wild with expression and creative outlets may it be hair, make up , fake nails or what ever. Its not fake its fun. 

So let me leave you here with a photo of me and in the glory of all my fake lol!

Please note this is not a post aimed at any one or a dig at those who love to be fake in any other way, Am just having a rambling to myself on my blog. Enjoy my random-ness.