Monday, 11 April 2016

Kawaii Box March Review*

Hello Kawaii Kitten's.
Today we have a review post. It has been a while since I been posting, right? That cause I have been super busy with cosplay and conventions and having so much fun . But don't worry am most active on my Instagram so yeah don't forget to follow it and see the madness I get up too.

My box came the other day, It comes in a cute white box that has a logo like ribbon printed on it - so its not hard to miss. Its also not a chunky style box so if you are out the mail/post man can post it . Or in my case he rings the bell and hands it over just cause he likes to have a chat in the mornings. 
Moving on to the review...

Inside the box is a range of roughly 8-10 items of cuteness. All wrapped up in the logo gift wrap paper. This time in the box was an Apollo Chocolate DIY kit- which is a very easy chocolate kit to use. I and my wee one had a lot of fun with making our chocolates and  more fun eating them after. They were super yummy.

Next up we have in the box a super adorable lined note book with a cute image and design on the note book cover- a handy thing to have . I am forever needing to write things down to remind myself of! 
Also stationary wise there was a very cute set of sticker of the cutest little animals on it . I love these. Am such a sucker for stickers and they just scream kawaii! I can not wait to use them.
Next up was a charm for your keys or bag of a grinning emoji character which was the funniest thing ever. I will be putting it on my keys as a reminder to always smile no matter what ! I like its positive grin- haha.

Next up we have the following cute, chewing gum stick that is a rubber/ eraser and there was also an adorable pen that had a sweet little bear character on it and the ink was in brown! I am always using pens and taking them in my bag when am out and about - so course I need my pens to look cute not matter what! There was also a cute pastel polka dot hair band/ ponytail band. Now this is not something I can use with short hair but can use it for my wigs or my little one can use it.
Also found in the box is a cute travel bright and colourful lock for your bags. One cute cat and cloud mini face towel. I will find this handy for travelling to freshen up .  A fashionable Polygon Bracelet in the hot pink colour that's super bright and finally a sleeping panda eye mask, great for travel and for at night to keep distractions at bay.

Over the box is super cute and are the items inside. Its so nice getting such kawaii surprise items in the box in the mail.
Because its one of the cutest subscription boxes on the market I and Kawaii Box are holding a give away here on my blog!

So why not enter it and see if you are super lucky!