Thursday, 28 April 2016

Let's Talk Too Faced - First Impressions

Let's talk Too Faced, so there is a company called Too Faced. I came across them a few months ago. I know, I know they have been around a while but I only got into really into the make up game this year. What ever. So I took a deep breathe and grudged paying around 39 quid for eye shadow. Now I did the month before spend like 30 quid on 3 palettes on a low end budget eye make up and they were utter crap and there was many saying they were great dupes for too faced. HAHA yeah. How about no. Any way I decided why not? I had earned a little extra money last month so why not.

So with my wallet feeling lighter and me holding this wonderful pink palette with cute shades in it. I was a happy bunny and keen to get stuck in with my make up play time. So the palette I got was the Bon Bon Chocolate one, the most Kawaii looking one outta the lot.
The palette is really heavy as its made of something like tin so I felt that yeah okay its worth the money due to the palette, and it has a mirror on it. The pans of eye shadow are heart shaped and have the names with them. Fair do's. There is a scent which every other blogger and youtuber seems to LOVES. I don't love it myself its way to sickly sweet for me. And thats odd coming form myself cause I adore sweet's candy and chocolate..But hey ho.
So I tried some of the guide looks that you get with the product and make up my own looks , I really like the palette as it has a mix of matts , Maybe more mattes to shimmers. Also the colours are nice but I feel that they need a primer or a good primer for the colour pay off. My primer is not the best and am not ready to open my other one yet. However the shadows are very soft, not much product fall out. They blend very well and I had to admit I really like it over all. I do grudge the amount of money they cost but I guess you are paying for the name too.

When I got my eye shadows I also got a sample of the Foundation ' Born this way.' I gave it a shot as I was in the need of a med- high coverage foundation, I had some Kat Von D lock it stuff and OMG it was like amazing high coverage but it was way to much for me. After using the sample of too faced I was pretty impressed. And you can layer it even more as its a med- high coverage product if you need that full on coverage . I only use the higher coverage stuff for modelling, cosplay or for special events so I was happy to go ahead and buy this .I really liked the coverage, the long lasting stay and it seem to make my other face products more vibrant when applied too!

At the check out if I spent a bit more I could get some gifts and 10% off so I got myself a other item. Which is the lipstick cream in unicorn tears. This is one crazy lipstick, It shimmers it sparkles its every kawaii gurls dream lippy. I get the feeling its a lippy that you can use on top of the other lippys they have and if you dare use it on its own for that over the top unicorn look. It is packed with shimmer and glow. When I opened it I was like er. its blue?! but its not when you put it on. Its like an iridescent shade. I applied it over a lippy and it really upped the shades game it was stunning and barely had to apply much on my lips. I was wearing a dark shade and it even showed up on that too. I have not tried it on its own just yet. I have found it has lasted a good few hours on my lips so far... But my goodness it is stunning and have no regrets buying it on a whim. ( and for the free gift lol.)
As the gifts are only travel/ gift size am not gona go on about those items. Mind you if I do find I use and like them I most likely will buy the full size and share my findings on them too.

Why did I pick too faced? Well I try and only buy animal cruelty free products, I also favour the cutest looking products as well , am a sucker for that stuff and I heard so many good things about the products. I also had the luxury to go ahead and spoil myself so why not - only only like live once so am gona be a friggen kawaii unicorn!