Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ultimate Kawaii Make Up Guide

S'up my Kawaii kittens, if you follow me about you will see that over at Cyten I did a post on basic Kawaii make up. Here in this post is a more in depth make up guide on doing Kawaii make up and Kawaii looks that you can try and play with. I always say that your make up can really bring a outfit of a style together and really give it that extra wow factor. But hey if you are not keen on make up that is all fine too, its not a rule or anything.

So lets get on to the kawaii make up guide. 
Am gona base this on the more tone down Japanese fashions and trends and it gives you a great basic knowledge to work with and experiment with when you feel ready to do so. Am also gona just say am not a Make up artist just a really big fan of make up.
Also most of the stuff you have maybe learn from our style of make up is barely used so be ready to try some new things...
The bare basics, when it comes to any make up you want to start with looking after your skin as this is what your are putting the products on. So its best to make sure your looking after your skin with your own skin care routine. Foundation, or should I say BB creams , CC creams and tinted moistures creams. Over in the East its a huge thing to have great looking skin so most of your base creams are all about skin care . I have used a few of these creams in the past and these products are all about care, natural dewy fresh skin. No heavy packed on or baked on, products are used with it comes to Kawaii looks. The other products you will find are your press or loose powder which often has some kind of spf factor and or have claims of anti wrinkles and other magical properties.

Moving on to highlighting and Contour, Contour is not much of a thing as it is over here, instead it if it is done it is very light and the contour is very very soft! They seem to avoid those ''sharp cheekbones that could cut a unicorn '' and try to keep the face overall looking soft and very young However highlight is used more for that youthful and fresh look but it seem to be more of a shimmer in your styles of liquid products than to the creams and powders.  They do also love to use shimmer under the eyes and around the tear areas to create those adorable dewy eye look that dolls have.

Next up we have blushers. Blushers are very popular in Kawaii looks. They bring colour to the cheeks and your over all face. Most are cream based or powder. The colours differ from what we are used to in the UK as the are mainly shades around the colours of Peach, Pink and Reds. Dark shades are not used as such as they look harsh on the Kawaii over all look.  Using light shades and pinky tones gives off the youthful like look or that ''am so embarrassed '' flustered look in the face.  You most likely will notice that most Kawaii make up tends to be in the most Kawaii looking packaging as well. Tiny powder puffs are to dye for.

Next up we shall look at the Eye make up and dem brows. Cause the eyes and eye contact, every one looks at your eyes, in Kawaii styles and looks. Eyes are a big thing in make up. Mainly making them look SUPER CUTE AND BIG! But before we get to that lets touch up on dem brows. Brows over here are so on fleek and groomed to the max. But its not the same when we get to Kawaii looks. Natural seems to be the way or to make them look as natural as natural can be!? So yes you can buy products for your brows just like here but the shades again are super soft and natural warm shades.And they are not harshy drawn on either, its more of a combed through kind of look.

Now lets move on to these eyes! It is all about those big Dolly Kawaii style looking eyes when it comes to Kawaii make up. So lets break this down a bit and look at eye shadows. Again very like the other pigmented products its all naturals and soft tones with pinks and peaches . Of course not limited to these shades but it gives you a idea. They keep things very simple here. Moving on they will use your eye liners to create bigger looking eyes with the type of shapes that they use. Again liner is often found in either brown or black and I have found the eye liner to be some of the best to use. Mind you I swear by the eye liner by LASplash Cosmetics which is very similar to the sailor moon eye liner (imo) To help create the eyes even bigger the use of white liner is used on the water lash line and in the tear ducks. A well known trick in the make up artistry industry. It helps make the eyes pop and appear larger.

Next up is fake lashes, uhumm I love to have some fluttery lashes and these also when used right can really make your eye appear even bigger with using the other stuff we just spoke about in the eye make up. And there is so many kinds of lashes to be found in all your Japanese style and kawaii make up brands.

You can really see that with the lashes that they make the eyes really stand out and look so kawaii, I also think you feel more kawaii when you wear them. I am also going to touch on Circle len's here while I mind. As some one who can not stand the thought of putting in lens or touch their eyeball I personally do not use these also the whole putting a object into my eye just to make my eyes really anime like or to change the colour is not my thing. I do know it makes the eyes look amazing and if that is something you are into doing please, please get your eyes a check up and talk to an eye specialist before buying any and putting things into your eye balls as - well you kinda need your eyes for reading my blog. Just saying.

Now to finish off the Kawaii make up look lets move on to lips, I LOVE LIPSTICKS , of course its my liquid to matt lippys that I adore and swear by of course but these are not really used in kawaii make up ( not a rule btw cause I do use these for my own personal kawaii make up!)  The brands for Kawaii looks tend to favour lipsticks with a sheer finish or a silky finish. Lip gloss and Lip tints are also a big thing for cute make up also. Again the shades are simple such as your red cherry shades ,rose pinks to peaches and oranges . The lips are often done in a fade effect and look glossy and ripe , kissable and cute looking.

So there you go , you Kawaii Kittens. This is my Ultimate Kawaii make up guide.
I really hope you enjoyed the post and let me know If you would be interested in any of my personal styles of my own Kawaii Make up that I do?!

Till next time