Monday, 13 June 2016

Gothic Kawaii

So this post is a few things that I have been inspired by that are Kawaii but Gothic as well. It pleases my inner teen goth and that twist of kawaii so I thought I would throw together a inspirational post of pieces I found on my fave place Cutesty Kink . So many think you can't be cute and Kawaii, But I beg to differ!

So here are a few Kawaii yet feeling those dark vibes ideas and inspiration I have found - so read on!

Cute Chiffon style gothic dresses both in long and short sleeves.

Basic or over the top gothic styles in dresses that are so cute with details.


Kawaii cool accessories such as this Luna inspired Sailor moon hand bag and this cute black jacket with wings on it for that magical girl feel.

And of course some cute blouses to team up with shorts, a skirt or under a jumper style dresss!

As you can see you still can be kawaii even with some dark vibes!
So what are you waiting for? Why not try out a kawaii look that pleases that inner goth with a touch of cuteness. If you want to find these items find them on Cutesy Kink and search ' black' and it will show you all these and much much more.

Tartan x